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Author Topic: Update regarding the Chain state  (Read 7174 times)


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Update regarding the Chain state
« on: December 27, 2017, 10:14:45 pm »
Official Announcement

Crown has experienced an unplanned hardfork December 26th, due to a lack of consensus between the network.
At that point in time, different mining pools had different beliefs about the chain-state and mined (forked into) according to their beliefs.
The issue is still under investigation, and we are working together with mining pools and Bittrex on a solution.

As things are sorted out, it is a possibility that a rollback will happen, and therefore it is best if all activity on the network is halted, until further notice on Bitcointalk/mattermost/Telegram.
Crown Trading on Bittrex is halted, and we would like to ask everyone to please not set up new nodes, send or mine Crown during this period!

Stance on the issue:

We're aware that longest chain with the most work usually wins. In this case we feel that no one user wanted to fork the network, and the fork was totally unplanned. We think that if everyone agrees, we should revert back to the chain before the fork happened.

Thank you for your patience