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[Report] Crown Support Team
« on: July 04, 2018, 05:54:14 am »
Greetings Crown Community!
4th of July 2018

This article aims to provide an overview of the progress the Crown Support Team has made, and to provide an update to the statistics and structure since the last major update in February.

After a short presentation of the team, we are going to walk you through a description of support team functions, our milestones and how we have handled and tackled arising issues. We are going to provide you with relevant statistics and how we have used the funds we received through the proposal system. To wrap up, we will venture a look forward and conclude with some final remarks.

Who we are

And this time around as well, the Crown Support Team has gone through many changes in the last months. New roles were assigned and agents recruited as queries and issues grew together with progressive implementation of releases and expansion of the Crown Core and Developers Team.

@Crownfan took over the Management of Support at the end of November, restructured the Team, recruited and trained new agents and coordinates the team since. Lately he took a step back and focuses on supporting the crown team more.

@EdwardMorra joined the Support Team the second week of December and has ever since then been a very valuable agent, taking progressive co-responsibility in the lead of Crown Support. In recent times took over leadership.

@Hypermist has been, besides his Dev work, a reliable second level agent with expertise in scripts, maintenance of servers and a bright understanding and overview of the Crown project. His help in the restructuring of the team has been decisive for the success of the process.

@Higherbridge among many other functions in the Crown project beyond the Support Team, higherbridge has been providing support on Telegram and has created guides that have easened the process of system- and masternode setup for hundreds of peers. Forum moderator and also a wise advisor and out of the box thinker, @Higherbridge has enhanced and made our team stronger.

@crown_translator has joined the team recently to coordinate translations and document reviewing.

@LuxoCrypto has joined the team in the beginning of June. He is using his experience as a support manager at an anti-virus company and a project manager in a software development company to optimize and improve the structure of the team.

Additional support is provided by @lezlaig, @k_r_y_p_t and @andlug51062, who provide daily support through the MatterMost, Telegram and Discord channels, as well as via the formal Zendesk ticketed support system, accessed via the website and the [email protected] email address.

What we do

The Crown Support Team is available to the Crown team and the Crown community through its different social media platforms and can also be contacted through [email protected]
A central ticketing system helps to coordinate all queries and makes sure none remain unanswered.

In addition the Crown Support Team:
  • provides support to Crown ambassadors
  • forwards issues to the Devs
  • distributes relevant technical information to the community in planned situations such as releases and in exceptional/emergency situations
  • monitors the network and alerts of anomalies
  • alleviates other departments of handling queries that distract them from core development
  • gives feedback and reports issues to the team


  • In Q1, the team worked to assist wallet and node-holders with the processes and any issues surrounding the update of v0.12.3 and the fork over Christmas, from how to update to check chain status and get back on to the correct chain. This included wallet update instructions, peer lists, console commands, bootstraps, and assistance in recovering locked funds or missing transactions from exchanges.
  • During this time, the support team was in constant communication with the core dev team, building up the knowledge base and FAQ documents so as to roll out any solutions to as many people as possible as quickly as possible.
  • Throughout the process, log files from peer wallets were collected and passed to the dev team for further analysis.
  • December 2017 - to date: Continued Internal Standards and Workflow Optimization
  • We have written and continue to update and maintain internal documentation that contain procedures, standards and workflow optimization, as well as a large knowledge base that serves to feed the existing forum FAQ as well as to train new agents.
  • We have created and continue to maintain and update an extensive forum FAQ that answers the most common concerns. Thanks to @mattblack, @twister and @higherbridge for the great forum that we now can use!
  • Zendesk has proven itself as a useful tool and thus has become our central ticket system. We have introduced new features through which Telegram and Facebook users, as well as website visitors can directly reach out to us. If you want to use this service, you just need to send an email to [email protected] and we will answer you within 24 hours! Check out our latest statistics to get an insight of the volume we have been handling.
  • Translation of resources into Portuguese and support of the growing Brazilian community through dedicated Telegram and MatterMost channels.
  • Addition of Tech Support channels in Discord and Telegram, linked to MatterMost.
  • Creation and maintenance of ‘Crown Community Announcements’ Telegram channel, to keep important information and updates accessible to all in a busy and growing community.
  • During the Unplanned Hard Fork event of mid-June, Support Representatives worked quickly to identify solutions and distribute diagnostic information and repair solutions in order to get affected users back on to the correct chain. They also contacted exchanges, node-hosting sites, blockchain explorers and miners to ensure that all were taking quick steps to get back into alignment, working closely with members of the core team. They helped community members with trapped funds to get in contact with exchanges to recover CRW that had gone awry during the fork.
  • During and after each of the aforementioned fork events, Crown Support committed itself to a marathon and stayed in maximum alert during more than five days, with members of the team putting in 12-14 daily hours of work. Even during normal operation, at least one member of the the team aims to be available as close to 24 hours a day as possible.


Many queries happen through Mattermost, where we tirelessly provide support to the Crown Community. We do not have numbers for this. To compensate, we are going to present you some statistics of our ticket system. Keep in mind that we can not use the option “satisfaction rating”, so there is no data for this variable.

Between the 5th of April and the 30th of June, 105 new tickets were opened, of which 72 are already solved, which make up for a total of 328 agent touches. Many of the ongoing tickets represent approaches from new exchanges, conferences and ICOs, which fall outside of the Support mandate and have been passed to relevant members of the dev team or community. Recurrent topics are systemnode setup help and information inquiries, wallet sync/open problems, fork and chain issues and team contact requests. Another large group of tickets can be named exchange issues. We have patiently accompanied frustrated peers who had lost access to funds stored in exchanges, providing advice, links and occasionally direct contact.

New Tickets: 105
Solved Tickets: 72
Agent touches 328

Where do most tickets come from? visitors opened 32% of the tickets through the website widget “contact support”. 52% of the tickets were opened through the [email protected] email address. The Telegram integration accounts for 3% of the raised queries, Facebook messages for further 4% and Facebook posts at 8%. The ticket system webform remains almost unused with only 3% of the total volume.

Fund usage

We are proud to state that we have been able to significantly expand the team whilst keeping to within our small budget, making savings through efficiency and the continued development of our shared resources.

The allocation of funds has been as follows:

Costs of infrastructure maintenance
Zendesk subscription is paid until october, Freshdesk is being considered as an alternative
Telegram integration - stopped due to lack of use
Funds used to pay support agents for daily availability:
3500 CRW previous months, due to budget constraints lowered to 1500 (see proposal: )
Funds used to pay for translation and review tasks:
250 CRW

A look forward

To provide support for the Crown community has proven to be a time intensive task full of responsibility. We are very happy to have been trusted and voted into this role. We would like to find new agents that want to step up and help us keep the good service and results we can account for until now.

If you are interested in becoming part of the support team, contact any of us through MatterMost. It is a great opportunity to learn more about Crown and develop technical, communication and social skills. If you are looking to become part of a community that will shape the future of blockchain technology, join us!


We are learning along as the project evolves and want to play a forthgoing role in it. We thank the voting community for backing us and recognizing our work.

We are committed to making the Crown project a success story!

Thanks for believing in us!

Your Crown Support Team
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