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Author Topic: Giveaway !!3x333!! CRW + Community voting for SouthXchange CRW listing  (Read 7384 times)


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We are voting to get listed on SouthXchange!

We need at least 500 votes to be eligible, but we will also need to outvote the other projects.

1 VOTE = 0.001 BTC. You can send any amount to the specified address - every 0.001 BTC will count as a separate vote. To find the address, click on the link and look for Crown!

If we get succesfully voted in,

everyone who contributes at least 0.003 BTC will be entered into a raffle! Three lucky winners will receive 333 CRW EACH!

The winners will be picked randomly from the blockchain explorer. Winners will need to send us a small test tx to verify their ownership of the address.

Let's start the voting!