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Author Topic: Developer / Tester Tools Proposal  (Read 2473 times)


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Developer / Tester Tools Proposal
« on: June 27, 2018, 10:01:28 am »
Hi Community,

I am the tester for Crown Platform and I'm currently in need of some test tools being created. In exchange for the test tools I will offer 500CRW per test tool and I currently have 4 tools that I would appreciate being created.

1) Tool - A Transaction tool to enable the creation of multiple transactions from multiple addresses in testnet
2) Tool - A Tool to mimic Masternode votes on testnet
3) Tool - A Tool to track and give a visual of the spread of votes through the masternode network and the speed of blocks that votes are pushed
4) Tool - A Tool to fill a block in order to calculate the transaction fees

If anyone can offer any help with these then get in touch. I am dzlbobo on MM, discord and Chris Kibble on Telegram.

Thank you.