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[Idea] Proposal fee refund / static fiat amount for a proposal

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Currently, the proposal fee is 25CRW.
This used to be around 25 to 50$. But is increasing rapidly.

The goal as far as I understand for the fee, is to incentive quality projects and keep spam away. To avoid a Dash situation where one has to pay upwards of 1k for a proposal, why not decide what a reasonable amount is, and make a fixed function for that.


Keep the fee in escrow until superblock is reached, and then release the fee back to all the proposals that passed.

For overview I'll also post my comments on this here:

I think constantly comparing the CRW value to BTC or USD only promotes the stigma of us being 'an altcoin'. I can agree that having a dynamic fee in some way could be good, but I'm against deciding on the fee based on fiat or BTC value of CRW.
Also, who will decide when the fee should change? It seems like it would be arbitrary.

I think it wouldn't be bad to make it a dynamic fee. 25 CRW can in the future be hundreds of dollars worth, and would discourage people to start proposals, especially smaller proposals. If it's pegged to '$25' or something, it would be dynamic and automatic, so no-one has to decide when the fee changes.

Maybe changing the fee every super block?

Good suggestions guys, I think for now a quick solution to this is to work exactly what you need x CRW, and then add 25 CRW to cover the proposal cost.
Just add a small line of text to the proposal explaining what the 25 is for.


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