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Author Topic: [50] Crown Weekly Update December 11th 2017 to December 18th 2017  (Read 1890 times)


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Crown Weekly Update December 11th 2017 to December 18th 2017

Crown at Blockchain Conference Kiev
We made several contacts with businesses that are interested in our platform. We are waiting to hear back to work with them and talk about their possibilities with Crown. There was a particularly strong interest in our incentivized nodes as a possibility for passive income through the block reward. Most of our questions surrounded the governance system.

Pictures from the event:

Road Map

The date for the roadmap release has been announced. It will be released Thursday, December 21st. This release represents a major step forward for our platform as we unveil our vision for the platform in 2018. 

G-ME & Crown Kickstarter Campaign
G-ME has finished and released their kickstarter campaign, but it is still under review by Kickstarter. Once the campaign is accepted we will make announcements on all of our major media channels with links to the videos. 

Systemnode Contest
A contest for a free systemnode will begin this week assuming proposal votes stay the same. Contests details will be available soon!

Crown Forum
The first image of our new Crown forum has been posted on our twitter. We hope this forum can be another helpful resource for the Crown community. It will be easier to organize announcements (like this one) and find answers to common questions with a dedicated forum. We will continue to post here, but the idea is to link from Bitcointalk instead of using it as the primary hosting vehicle.

Crown Vlog
Everything is coming together for the start of a dedicated Crown vlog. The posting frequency and exact format is still being worked on, but you should hope to see the first upload in the coming weeks!

Wallet UX
Testing on the new wallet UX featurues are going well and will be available in the next release. This release will dramatically reduce the installation time for masternodes and systemnodes.