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Author Topic: Bangkok World Blockchain Conference - December 4th 2017  (Read 2099 times)


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Bangkok World Blockchain Conference - December 4th 2017
« on: December 17, 2017, 10:52:43 pm »
Bangkok world Blockchain conference

Blockchain World Conference Bangkok 2017

by Twister


Crown has solid fundamentals (the triple/quadruple Tís) by the metrics of some Angel Investors and Gurus in the field. Overall it is good news for Crown, and it puts Crown easily between the few quality projects out there. Also the fact that it is not premined, and a project from 2014 with no ICO surprised many people in a good way.

Where Crown can improve upon, is a more professional business strategy structure. And highlighting the valuable asset that is Ivan. Some other interesting points were the hunger for transaction speed in the field, and the possibility of peer2peer money lending as a business case opportunity for blockchain in China.

(Opening of the Blockchain World Conference - Bangkok)


Overall the conference was aimed beginners and enthusiasts - focused at ICOs, but of course some of the aspects applicable to ICOs are also relevant for ongoing projects like Crown. There were various talks on how to invest, how to value ICOs from the outside and some more technically focused ones by NEO & ZCoin. Also quite some shilling of projects (although WePower does look interesting to me - tokens as a utility which could also be hosted on a systemnode once the Crown API is available). A very mixed a-typical blockchain crowd of visitors was present, which was explained by the affiliate / advertising people attending, who have their conference from the 6th till the 9th of Dec in Bangkok.

The Tís (Team, Tech, Token, Timeline)

When asked what makes a good project, Independently from each other both Henok Tekle (Angel Investor) and Steve Jernigan ( said to use the 3 or 4 Tís: Team, Tech, Token (and Timeline).

  • Team: what kind of people do you have on board, do you have the skillset to actually develop the product you want to make? But also: do you have entrepreneurs who know their way around in starting a company and have preferably failed with some before.
  • Tech: does it make sense/is it a good product. Is it scalable etc.
  • Token: what is the distribution of the token? Was there a premine, do the founders hold over 50%?
  • Timeline: Is there a roadmap, and are ideas already materialized into a real product - so is there any progress.

(Henok Tekle speaking)

This is overall good news for Crown. Most of these points (tech, token, timeline) Crown ticks with ease - confirming the quality project it is.
The thing where Crown can improve in my opinion is business strategy/leadership: growing into a more structured organism. But I do think that we have the pieces in place to tackle this if we want.

Another interesting point that came up was to look for the advisors of ICOs: If a project has a long list of advisors - itís probably overcompensating for a shit idea. What are is a project doing with 5-10 advisors? And also look the advisors themselves: how many projects do they advise on. If thatís 10-20, when do they sleep lol.
For Crown this might be a relevant; spotlight Ivan more on the website - with his extensive experience & track record managing open source projects, technical know how and analytical mind he is a very strong force within the project. This should be more easily findable on the website in my opinion.

Applications: Peer 2 peer money lending

A further use case for Crown might be peer2peer money lending - which is apparently huge in China, translates very well to blockchains.
This could be something Crown can be working on to facilitate. Or think about how it would work, and outline this somewhere in a video or document as a business case for a Systemnode business.

Tech: Processing speed

A very, very hot topic was processing capacity of chains. A couple of ICOís (but also businesses I spoke with) where explicitly looking for a blockchain solution (a platform if you will) to host their application which could handle fast transaction speeds. We are working on our NTP integration, so weíve got the focus and vision - but communicating this more is an opportunity right now.

(Note the TPS of only 1.000 for NEO and just 20 for Ethereum)

Market valuation

More of an interesting view on it: For an investor it is an important metric to know what the possible size is of the market in contrast to where it currently is at. For Ethereum for instance, itís probably at quite high, at itís max size/will grow more slowly.
In contrary for Crown, having such solid fundamentals and being similar in some ways to Dash, this probably means that the market valuation is very low - thus the potential very high.


It was an interesting event, with lots of enthusiasts and potential investors. Overall the fundamentals of Crown are very solid by the standards of what people in the space measure ICOs by. For the communication part, ideas have been gathered on how to improve further, outlined above.

(Really nice food ;) )

Iíve been handing out business cards a lot, and spoke to people about Crown. To (big) investors, but also developers. In general most people were interested, but it has to be seen what follows from that.

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