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Author Topic: Crown Team Meeting - Toronto - August 18th 2017  (Read 1759 times)


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Crown Team Meeting - Toronto - August 18th 2017
« on: December 17, 2017, 10:47:10 pm »
Crown Team Meeting - Toronto - 18th August 2017

12 members of the core team met in the Windsor Arms Hotel in Toronto, flying just under 100,000km to be there.  The formal meeting was held between 0900 and 1600 however discussions continued long into the night and for several days.

Crown Atomic

The majority of the Friday session was spent discussing final details and plans for the Crown Atomic release including final confirmation of what would and wouldn't be included in the upcoming release.  The team discussed the API stubs and OP codes at length, with some time being  spent reviewing code by @mdz and @infernoman.

The team discussed and walked through the logic behind the Crown Atomic API and how it would work in reality using soon to be real life examples. Crown Atomic will be available in Testnet on 1st September.

Release Management & Testing

The team discussed and agreed that more formality was required in defining future releases.  It was agreed that a release management and testing procedure is to be created to assist in future releases.

Team Resourcing

Crown is delighted to announce that the core team is being joined by Jerry Ruiz, a hedge fund marketing manager originally from Ecuador but now based in Miami.  Jerry will be promoting Crown from within his circles and also working on use cases for the Latin American market.

It was announced at the meeting that a new core team member will be joining in September in order to help with PR, communications and marketing.  The new team member is finishing up his role at a major online tech magazine and is looking forward to helping move the project forwards.

Current team staffing levels were discussed and it was agreed that it would be beneficial to Crown to recruit some new C++ and QT5 developers. A recruitment drive will be announced soon. Recruitment will be aimed at both the crypto world and traditional IT employment markets.  If anybody has skills that they would like to bring to the Crown team, please contact us for an informal discussion.

Legal Structure

The ambition of the Crown project is to become a major decentralized platform to conduct business on. As such, an important hurdle to be taken is the legal structure to accommodate this.

To our knowledge, no legal framework that supports the legal side of crypto exist yet. So the Crown Team is pioneering in this, and are in the process of constructing a framework to facilitate an operation that can accommodate legal requirements.

The pieces of the puzzle are starting to come together, and look promising. We expect to have a legal framework that supports businesses in the US and EU in the not so distant future.

An announcement related to this will be made shortly.


The Crown team and their partners are starting to work on four papers which will show concrete use cases of integration of a business through the Crown API and / or the layer which we envision to develop with Omni.

1. Integration of on to Crown, settling a transaction between two parties on the blockchain.

2. An application running on a Tron:

3. A solution for a sovereign country to use cryptocurrency to manage debt obligations. The case study country will be Ecuador.

4. A startup platform using the blockchain to settle ownership, protect IPR and the overall contractual relationship between an angel investor and a new idea / startup.

Next Meeting

It was agreed that the next Core Team and public sessions will be held in Amsterdam on November 10th and 11th 2017.  It was suggested that the following core team meeting might be held in South America, feedback and suggestions on this choice of location are welcomed.