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Author Topic: Crown Update - Team News (May 5th 2017)  (Read 3316 times)


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Crown Update - Team News (May 5th 2017)
« on: December 17, 2017, 09:17:57 pm »
Crown Update - Team News

New People, New Skills.

Crown are delighted to announce that Syntaks has joined the Crown team to assist Chaositec, Infernoman and the rest of the dev team in preparations for the next release. Syntaks brings extensive development experience in the world of crypto and we are excited to be able to attract talent such as his.

We are also very happy to annouce that Ivan Labra is providing Crown with analysis and feedback on our future plans and strategy.  Whilst Ivan is a newcomer to crypto, he has played a key role in many open source projects and has been involved in the open source scene for almost 20 years.  Our hope is that he will be joining us in a CTO role to help systematize and scale the platform and community.

Please welcome Ivan and Syntaks to the team.

Growing the Crown Community

As the Crown project grows, the focus is not necesarily about distributing tokens but more about providing opportunities. The value of the Crown project is directly correlated to the ideas that entrepeneurs, developers and members of the community can realise on the Crown platform.

As the project moves forward, we would like the community to consider the opportunites that they might enable for themselves by realising ideas on the Crown platform.  The success of this project will be measured by the depth of the distributed opportunity that it might facilitate.

With the upcoming enablement of blockchain proposals, there exists a great opportunity to become involved and add value to the project.

Full Time Team.

With the recent growth in the Crown community, the Crown team now has four full time members. Please note that at this time, the development team are not paid salaries.

Infernoman will continue his labour of love as our full time lead developer.

Chaositec is in the process of leaving his day job to assume a full time R&D role for Crown. We look forward to Fabian joining us on a full time basis in about two weeks time.

Stonehedge is now a full time Crown team member and will be looking to develop a product & project management function within the Crown team.

Defunctec is working full time on the Crown project and is looking to continue to grow regional communities working with the Crown platform and continue in his role as project treasurer.

We hope to have some more announcements regarding the core team in the very near future.