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« on: June 18, 2019, 02:02:16 am »
Proposal Basic Information
Project Name: JOATMON-201906
Author: walkjivefly
Proposer’s Email Address: [email protected]
Funds requested: 2000 CRW/month for 1 months - 2000 CRW total
Proposal Hash:  125a3aa6f0a563ae1c90f6ac952cd3d0d19f0974864b2eefcd1d69e222d41990
How To Vote YES:  mnbudget vote-many 125a3aa6f0a563ae1c90f6ac952cd3d0d19f0974864b2eefcd1d69e222d41990 yes
How To Vote NO:  mnbudget vote-many 125a3aa6f0a563ae1c90f6ac952cd3d0d19f0974864b2eefcd1d69e222d41990 no

You and your team
Manager: walkjivefly

Project Details
Project purpose
Jack Of All Trades, Master Of None
There are gaps in the areas of expertise covered by “core” team members/governance proposals. The gaps are dynamic and need filling to different degrees at different times.

I’ve been a Crown hodler since November 2017. In October 2018, with time on my hands, I stepped up to help out with testing MN-PoS. Since then I’ve stepped up to help out with anything else I’m able to. In the last month those things included:
    • Research the feasibility of HackerOne providing NFT (adversarial/vulnerability) testing. They didn't respond to my inquiry and with the current depressed Crown price we probably couldn't afford to join their bounty program.
    • CrownSight (explorer) testing. Opened 4 Gitlab issues.
    • Implemented Discord Gitlab-Updater bot to facilitate increased community participation in Gitlab.
    • Researched the Indodax exchange community coin-listing vote. Not worth bothering about. We'd need to spend >$250k to be in with a chance of winning a round.
    • Pushed the Crown PoS (Iquidus) explorer into the limelight (
    • Weekly updates of the Crown blockchain bootstrap. Even now, the bootstrap is being downloaded about a dozen times a week.
    • Daily presence in Discord providing support/assistance across all channels.
    • 5 new Medium articles.
    • unfork tool.
    • Identified 2 Crown core code bugs, opened Gitlab issues #321 and #322.
    • Submitted merge request for Gitlab issue #323.

My project goals are to continue in the same vein. I’ve been investing over 100 hours per month in Crown for the last 9 months. I mainly do it because I enjoy it. If the community think it’s useful effort then it would be fitting to receive some reward for it.

The project is ongoing. It has already provided assistance to multiple operational areas, eg; development, testing, documentation, communication, support, infrastructure. It will continue to do so whenever/wherever I notice a need that I am qualified to address.

These are some of the WIP/possible tasks:
    • continue creating weekly updates of the bootstrap
    • more Medium articles including a series of FAQ posts
    • more improvements to the update/installation script
    • new "helper" scripts for various tasks
    • continued Discord presence

Proposal timetable and turning point(s)
The proposal will be resubmitted each month for as long as I have an interest in Crown and the community find it useful. This third proposal retroactively covers May-June 2019.

Acceptance criteria
Project is ongoing and the product will vary from month to month (eg: Medium articles, Discord activity, Gitlab contributions). Voters may judge it a success if they feel any aspect of it has personally benefited them or they can see it has benefited others or the Crown project.

None; payment is in arrears for effort I have already made. If the community think it was valuable they may choose to reward it.

Funding requirements
Proposal is for 2000 CRW, paid in arrears for the period May-June 2019.

The amount is not tied to any fiat conversion rate. 5 successful proposals will allow me to accumulate enough CRW for a masternode.

Communication will be through Medium, Discord and Gitlab. I have been, and expect to be present in at least one of those media every single day.

Additional comments
I’m a stay-at-home dad with a 1-year old son and a professional background in software engineering. I have a lot of “free” time but a lot of distractions/interruptions too. I can’t commit to a fixed number of hours, or working times per day. However, I am generally available several hours per day, 7 days a week.
My physical location in SE Asia enhances the decentralisation of the Crown project by providing coverage in time zone UTC+7, complementing other team members in Europe, Australia/New Zealand and the Americas.

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