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Some links and things
« on: June 05, 2019, 04:08:10 pm »
1. We just transited from a BTC mergemined PoW to a crypto industry first all-node-staking PoS protocol demonstrating our community strength / will to innovate during a bear market and making our stakeholder structure decentralized in a true way.
2. We have a clear vision for Crown: a blockchian-as-a-service model, where anybody who wants to work with blockchain is invited to register his/her identity, build/host an applicaiton, transact value, or create any use case imaginable on the Crown chain. Leaving the future of blockchain tech on natural, community-driven forces rather than pushing one usecase and telling people how it should be used.
Crown Blockchain: Platform Overview
This is a summary of the Crown Blockchain Platform. Design of the Crown Platform is based on ideas lined up in the Crown Whitepapers which…

3. Our next development goal is the release of NFT's which will enable the registration of any asset on the Crown Blockchain, our solution  will be  in testnet in few days, you can watch the QA with our tech Lead Artem here:
Artem & Ashot DEV Q&A
Don’t miss the show on Feb. 13th 2pm UTC

4. We are a community driven platform of approximately 5k users mostly from the western part of the world with largest communities coming from the US, UK, Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Spain, Korea, Brazil, Italy, Australia and New Zealand. There is no centralized team, but rather a decentralized model of contributors, our communication channels are open and transparent. Our community meets in person 3 to 4 times a year since December 2016 when we first for the first time in London.
5. We have a decentralized governance proposal system, which enables the development of Crown to be independent and self-sustainable
Crown Platform
Decentralized Governance Readjustment
The community is called to vote on altering the percentage of the block reward that goes towards the Crown Decentralized Governance and…

6. Our blockchain is powered by over 2k of nodes - masternodes and systemnodes: the community is fully in charge of the future of the blockchain
Crown MN and SN rates of ROI
Some folks are obsessed with the ROI of their masternode coins. With Crown they can feed their obsession twice since Crown has both…

7. Our development repositories are open to the public
8. Our blockchain was fairly launched in October 2014 during the pre-ICO times in a fully transparent way
[ANN][CRW] CROWN (MN-PoS) | Platform | Governance | Systemnodes | ...
[ANN][CRW] CROWN (MN-PoS) | Platform | Governance | Systemnodes | Masternodes |
9. We are not an anonymous platform, our identities are faces are known to the world.
Crown Platform
10. We are currently listed on 4 quality exchanges, we have not paid them to list us, that is our philosophy. - Crown (BTC-CRW)
Buy Crown with Creditcard, SOFORT and SEPA | LiteBit

11. You can see a summary of the Crown blockchain in this presentation
Crown Platform
Blockchain & Project Overview 2019

12. We were selected as one of the few blockchain and featured on a US based TV show Success Files hosted by Rob Lowe
Crown Platform featured on “Success Files presented by Rob Lowe”
The 6-minute educational segment will be distributed to the Public Television affiliates the week of October 22, 2018

13. You can see what we represent in this short video
Crown Platform
We are Crown!