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April’s for webdev tasks
« on: May 01, 2019, 07:23:28 pm »
Proposal Basic Information
Project Name: April’s for webdev tasks
Author:   aitorjs
Funds requested: 4125 CRW
Proposal Hash:   875ae85cf16b3426c885e6cd441fddf407c127761e993cf4b58248cd94752353
How To Vote YES:  mnbudget vote-many 875ae85cf16b3426c885e6cd441fddf407c127761e993cf4b58248cd94752353 yes
How To Vote NO:  mnbudget vote-many 875ae85cf16b3426c885e6cd441fddf407c127761e993cf4b58248cd94752353 no

You and your team
Manager: me (Software developer)

Project Details
Project purpose is the main website for Crown Platform. Normally, the first impression that Crown Platform users have, so it is interesting to have a page updated in content and software.

The potential benefits this proposal could bring to Crown is a gateway to crown platform, through a good impression and a well structured and updated information. This project is ongoing since November 2018.

Proposal timetable and turning point(s)
Proposal is for this month, April 2019. Every month will be resubmitted.
The proposals is for 40 hours on issues and needs during from 15 April 2019 to 15 May 2019. Added more changes for the new release (Jade), added some improvements to learn-more-about-crown page and make some improvements over the mobile styles.  I will spend the hours that I have left to finish with the mobile styles and adding new elements to where-to-use-crown page.

Acceptance criteria
1. is active 99.9% of the time (depends on infrastructure offered and maintained by third parties)
2. The issues that appear on trello, have a proper prioritization to remove them at the right time.


Funding requirements
Proposal is for 4125 CRW, paid with May superblock.

Using the discord website channel, trello’s dashboard to manage issues to be able to prioritize tasks and crown’s gitlab and crown’s owncroud to maintain code and backups.

Additional comments
I started ordering the web of in August 2018 solved different problems related to languages, added the new roadmap, added Chinese French and Arabic languages and added a few strings that were not translated, improve the homepage as well as solve different medium and small issues, migrate the page to another server among many other things.
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