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Crown Infra Jan 19 [Archive]
« on: January 05, 2019, 04:26:33 pm »
Proposal Basic Information
Project Name: CrownInfraJan19
Authors: @edwardmorra
Proposerís Email Address:  [email protected]
Funds requested: 6815.6 CRW for 1 month Ė 6815.6 CRW total
Proposal Hash:  9ccc24b2fbb3efedd5a1d900205ca44305359b4c4a3b2ff3c664c4ec3dcddac6
How To Vote YES:  mnbudget vote-many 9ccc24b2fbb3efedd5a1d900205ca44305359b4c4a3b2ff3c664c4ec3dcddac6 yes
How To Vote NO:  mnbudget vote-many 9ccc24b2fbb3efedd5a1d900205ca44305359b4c4a3b2ff3c664c4ec3dcddac6 no

You and your team
Manager: Alex @edwardmorra
Helping out: @pjcltd

Proposal Document
The proposal document can be found here

Project Details
Crown Support Team is a dedicated group of Crown Community members that provides general and technical support to the Crown Community.
Project purpose
Crown Support Team fills the need for help that is requested on a regular basis by
Assisting community members
Supporting the Dev Team

I (edwardmorra) will not request funds this month for my personal time, I feel it best to let it up to the community to donate what they think my work is worth. I choose to do so as the superblock is under quite a load as it is and I think infrastructure cost should come first.
My CRW address is: 19SDFgjumZyrRCtpzPdWeUMMs4oJ9w7D13

The Crown project needs several IT services to run. This includes Gitlab for code development, website hosting so new users can find the project and other bitcoin-fork  specific services.
This proposal is to cover the costs of the old subscriptions that are currently running. Besides that we try to cover as much of the costs community member pjcltd has by making services of his hosting company available.


The ambition of this proposal is to have crown infrastructure costs covered. This proposalís project is to streamline system administration of the past 4 years into 1 as cost effective operation as possible so any bear market can be survived.

Proposal timetable and turning point(s)

As of right now there are 35+ servers running. Some of these are running at a too high cost.
12th of January is intended to be the moment where as much as possible of the infrastructure is on the hosting environment of pjcltd.
The migration/new setup of the infrastructure is time intensive and comes with hurdles like access details being spread wide.
Next superblock the intent is to not have to exchange CRW into fiat as pjcltd accepts crown as payment.
Acceptance criteria

This proposal can be called a success when migration and cost cutting doesnít disturb the network infrastructure. For now it is most important the services keep running.


The migration methods used have so far not impacted the general operation of the Crown Project, once a server is copied it can be tweaked/setup in a sandbox-like environment. This means there is almost no risk involved with the cost-reduction part of this proposal.
The cost coverage part has 1 significant risk: Price decrease.
To try and hold of that risk the requested crown will be turned into FIAT asap. Thereby knowing how much of the cost is covered, so I (edwardmorra) can find other ways to cover the costs. Besides that pjcltd has agreed to help out with the cost see below.

Funding requirements

See attachment for cost breakdown
*pjcltd agreed that the 2600 crown will be used as buffer in case a price decrease happens. Should a price decrease happen the next superblock will have to cover the reduced amount of CRW.
Total CRW: 6815.6
 Costs cut so far.
69 Dollars from digital Ocean
Hetzner cost reduced as nextcloud will soon be migrated.

Next proposal will contain an update about the cost situation, besides that @edwardmorra can be pinged in discord and will stay in contact with the contributors.

Additional comments
Provide additional comments on your proposal if you have any.
Break down of cost here:

This is the first version of the proposal document. If changes are made, they will be indicated.
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