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Upgrading nodes to v0.13.4.0


Crown Masternode/Systemnode Update Guide
Firstly, make sure your local wallet is on the latest version (find it at

All managed hosting providers will auto update (Node-VPS, NodeSupply, Crown-VPS and others). You may need to restart the nodes from your local wallet, we recommend you keep an eye on your nodes.

If you have access to your nodes' terminal then it is not managed and you need to do the following.

Copy and paste the following script into your terminal (through PuTTy or otherwise).

--- Code: ---sudo apt-get install curl -y && curl -s | bash -s
--- End code ---

This script will automatically look for the latest release. To check if the update worked, enter the following command into your VPS and check if the version is or later.

--- Code: ---crown-cli getinfo
--- End code ---

IMPORTANT: You might need to restart your nodes from your local wallet!
You do this by navigating to the Masternodes or Systemnodes tab in your wallet and either right-clicking a node and clicking 'Start MISSING' at the bottom of the screen. You can select the 'start all' check box in the pop-up that appears.
Beware that checking this box this will restart all your nodes and put them in the back of the queue, so make sure you've updated your nodes before performing this step!

If you start alias and crown-cli systemnode status or crown-cli masternode status returns waiting for remote activation please check that you have enough peers with the new version with crown-cli getpeerinfo. Should you not have any peers running the new version, do the following:

--- Code: ---crown-cli stop
rm -rf ~/.crown/peers.dat
crownd -daemon

--- End code ---

This will stop the client, clear your peers.dat and restart the client. Peers with the new version will be added automatically.

After this step, click start alias and check if the master- or systemnode is "successfully started".

If you have any trouble following the above guide, please email [email protected]


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