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FAQ - Read this first!!
« on: December 13, 2017, 12:15:04 pm »
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Before contacting support, please try to find your answer in the FAQ below. If you cannot find your answer, please try the search function first.
If you still cannot find your answer, please open a new topic on the appropriate board (proposals, masternodes, systemnodes, wallet), clearly stating your question, or contact Crown Support at [email protected].


General Questions

What is Crown?
Crown is a self governed community project building a free and open access internet, based on blockchain technology. It invites enterprising individuals to learn about the crypto space and to build new economy applications running on the Crown platform. Crown lets you ask questions and build your own answers. One of its goals is to support a fast growing community in their path towards creating a new application economy model, which is about much more than being a token.


What wallets can I use for Crown?

Windows 64 Bit
Windows 32 Bit

Linux 64 Bit
Linux 32 Bit


Bootstrap (snapshot):

Mobile Crownpay Wallet: Android
Paper Wallet:

How to download a Windows Wallet

How do I unlock funds in my wallet?
There are several options:
Disclaimer: Moving the funds tied to a system or master nodes cancels said system or masternode.
Unlocking funds from the inputs menu

Windows wallets can enable coin control features through Settings > Options > Open the “wallet” Tab> Check the coin control features tab.
In the sending screen, you can see the “Inputs…” option now. Click on that and unlock the funds by right clicking the funds with a lock > Unlock Unspent

Unlocking funds by deleting their respective line in systemnode.conf / masternode.conf
Go to your wallet.dat folder and open the systemnode.conf file. Every line configures one system-/masternode. Every line locks a transaction that qualifies for a system- / masternode output  (500 CRW/ 10 000 CRW).  You can delete the desired output to unlock the respective balance.


What is a Systemnode / Masternode?
The Crown network is secured by nodes. These nodes require collateral to setup, 500 CRW for a systemnode and 10,000 CRW for a masternode.
Also see:

If you are interested in setting one up, check out the guides:
Systemnode guide:
Masternode guide:

Are there any benefits to hosting a Masternode vs. a Systemnode?
Masternodes and Systemnodes get different block rewards.
Masternodes require 10,000 CRW collateral and receive 45% of the block reward.
Systemnodes require 500 CRW collateral and receive 9% of the block reward.
To calculate earnings per node, visit

What VPS specifications are required to run a node?
As of December 2017:
- Ubuntu 16.04 VPS with dedicated IP
- 1GB RAM (or 512MB + 512MB vSwap)
- 10GB HDD
- Required specifications may increase over time.

Can I run several nodes on one single VPS?
You can, but you will need to have several static addresses.
Also, you will need one IP for every node, one data directory for every node and to bind=(ip) in config

Can I run a node without a remote setting?
It is possible to have a local setting for both wallets, but please take into account that having the node run on your computer requires you to do port forwarding. Also, if your wallet closes, the node will stop. You also have the possibility to deploy Ubuntu VPS on a Raspberry Pi 3, but you would be only able to run one node at home because internet service providers only supply you with one IP.

Will I need a fixed IP address to run a node on my Windows PC?
You will need a fixed external IP to run it locally. However it is not recommended to do so since any downtime will put your node in the back of the queue.

When hosting a VPS, do I need to have the QT wallet open at all times?
Only the VPS is running 24/7, the local wallet does not have to be running. Once it’s up and running you don’t have to do anything and you save a lot of energy/hardware usage at home by having the rented VPS. You can manage your rewards from the local wallet, you can log in to the VPS for updates or in case you have errors.

Currently with 1 Systemnode, what is the approximate monthly reward in Crown?
You can calculate Systemnode earnings here:

How long does it take for my Systemnode to get rewarded? How does the queue work?
Learn it here (Youtube)

My Masternode has not received any rewards since november 20th. What should I do?
The new version 12.3. including Systemnodes was enforced on November 20th. Check local wallet and VPS are up to date with the most recent version. If not, proceed to update. Also take into account that “tron” has become “masternode” at all effects which might require some changes in your .conf files. Please use the rename guide to update:

Why does the systemnode outputs command give blank return in the debug console?
Either the transaction is not yet confirmed by the network or it does not meet the requirements. Check in the chain explorer if it’s a 500 CRW transaction and that the address has not been used before.

How can I check if my Systemnode is configured correctly?
If the uptime doesn’t go up, enter ‘crown-cli systemnode status’ on your VPS and see what it returns. If the uptime is ticking, it’s a matter of waiting. Current time until first payout is approximately 5 days. (Replace ‘systemnode’ with ‘masternode’ to check masternode)

Node status EXPIRED. What can I do?
If your server can’t be reached it goes to EXPIRED. Restart the node using start-alias yourmasternodename.

Node status MISSING. What can I do?
When it says MISSING in your local wallet, it means that the wallet has scanned for the node and has been unable to confirm that it’s working. If you have incorrectly configured something in your masternode/systemnode.conf or crown.conf you will usually receive an error message of some kind as well as a MISSING status. If the status shows ENABLED but then changes to MISSING after a while, then it’s more likely that the remote VPS stopped working or the remote wallet stopped syncing. Make sure the remote wallet is fully synced. Once it's synced, make sure to start the node from your local wallet by using start-alias yourmasternodename.

I opened my wallet and my masternode was not running?
It takes roughly 10 minutes when you open your wallet, to tell the status of your masternode. Please wait before trying to restart it as it may already be running.

Governance and Proposals
What is the Crown Proposal System?
The Crown proposals system provides a means for Crown to fund its own development. While other projects have to depend on donations or premined endowments, Crown uses the block reward to fund its own development. Every time a block is mined, 10% of the 10 CRW block reward is allocated to a central fund to independently support the Crown development.
This means to approximately 43,200 CRW is available for funding at the end of each superblock.
Crown community members can submit their own proposal and ask to receive funding for a project that they think will benefit Crown as a whole. A collateral transaction of 25 CRW is required for this - these tokens will be burned.

The proposal system entitles Masternode operators to vote for or against submitted proposals.

How does the proposal system work?
To learn more on the governance and proposals system visit the Crown Website
or watch this tutorial.

Where can I view current proposals?
You can view current proposals at

How can I vote on submitted proposals?
If you are a Masternode operator you can vote on submitted proposals using the debug console of your wallet. Watch this  tutorial for more information.

Is there a proposal submission deadline before the superblock?
The last possible date to submit a proposal is 3 days before the superblock.Take into account that masternode owners need time to vote. Submitting a proposal this late is not recommended.

Is there a vote submission deadline before the superblock?
The last possible date to submit a vote is 2 days before the superblock.

How can I submit a proposal?
To submit a proposal please watch this Tutorial or follow the forum guide.

When does a proposal pass?
Whether a proposal passes is decided at the end of each superblock. The calculation used to determine this is as follows:

(amount_votes_yea - amount_votes_nay) MUST BE GREATER THAN (amount_masternodes * 0.1)
In other words, the YEA votes must outweigh the NAY votes by a net percentage of 10% of all eligible votes.

If more proposals are voted to pass than the allocated fund of 43,200 CRW can supply, only the proposals with the highest net amount of votes will pass.

How can I mine Crown?
To learn how the Crown network is secured and how merge mining works, you can watch this introductory tutorial:

Where can I mine Crown?
Here is a list of known mining pools:

Acquiring Crown
Where can I acquire Crown tokens?
The token used by the Crown Platform (CRW) is currently available at the following places:
See for a full list.

Crown is also available for trading on YoBit and C-Cex, but we advise you to take caution with these exchanges since community members have had very poor experiences with them in the past.


NOTE: We are continually pushing to expand Crown to more platforms. Please feel free to send your favorite exchange/vendor a message about listing CRW.

Spending Crown
Where can I spend my Crown?
You can pay your phone bill, electric bill or Netflix bill with Crown using

Or pay directly with wherever it’s integrated

Community Media
You can join our community through the following channels:

Join us on Twitter!

Join us on Mattermost!  (Mattermost chat community with several channels for news and general discussion, technical support, proposal presentation and discussion, Github and release informations. We count 500+ members as of December 2017.

Join us on Telegram!  Our Telegram bot provides you with statistics and general informations

Join us on Bitcointalk!  We have an continuously updated topic with major releases and news

Talk to us through Discord  (chat and voice community)

Check Reddit  for new posts.



Youtube Crown Crypto Channel, a vast variety of tutorials.


General e-mail [email protected]
For questions and technical support you can open a ticket through our Zendesk system. Please e-mail [email protected]

Feel free to join us through the above mentioned channels.
Who represent the Crown Community?
The Crown Community is the totality of individuals and organisations engaged in the Crown Project. This swarm of participators includes but is not limited to developers, investors, collaborators, node operators, partners and supporters. 

Who represent the Crown Team?
The official Crown Team consists of a talented and diverse group of people. They are set apart by their integrity and the effort they make to improve the Crown platform.
The Core team consist of the developers, idea-keepers and advisors that try to make Crown the best project it can become.
The Community team consists of groups and individuals who are passionate about Crown as a project and who want to help improve it. The Community, as a loosely bound social group, is an essential part of Crown. It helps newcomers to find their way around, spreads the word by visiting events, provides support and comes up with new ideas that can be voted for and implemented. The community helps to shape the future of Crown at the same time it keeps the project diverse and open. 

Most of the team work on a voluntary basis and have had to acquire Crown tokens themselves. Some team members get funded for their work by the development funds, others receive funding through the Decentralized Governance Proposal System (see for up-to-date proposal information).
To learn more about the Crown team visit

Core Team:
    Dan Ames - stonehedge
    • Systems Architecture
    Jan Brody - crowncoin_knight
    • Co-founder & Idea-keeper
    Fabian Olesen - CHAOSiTEC
    • Systems Architecture & Imagineer
    Artem Brazhnikov
    • Lead Developer Crown Atomic
    • Coordinator, Treasurer & Idea-keeper
    Ashot Khachatryan
    • C++ Wallet & Node Developer
    Ivan Labra - ilabra
    • Advisor
    Luke Bettles - calnaughtonjnr
    • App Developer & Community Ambassador UK
    • App Developer & Support Team
    Joe Connors - Snoops
    • Head of Communications & Community Ambassador NY
    Alex Hoogerbrugge - higherbridge
    • Community Manager (NL)
    Inigo van Dijk - mattblack
    • Web Developer & Community Ambassador NL
    Roderic - twister
    • Marketing & Community Ambassador NL
    Chris - dlzbobo
    • QA & Testing
    Jose Herranz - crownfan
    • Lead Support
    Alexander - EdwardMorra
    • Support Team

Community Team:
    Jerry Ruiz - latincrown1
    • Community Ambassador Miami & Latin America
    Filip Major - jackal
    • Co-founder
    Victor Martín - vic
    • Community Ambassador ESP
    Alex Bohoslav - benderweb
    • Community Ambassador Ukraine

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