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Author Topic: Crown Meeting - Amsterdam - November 10-11th  (Read 3288 times)


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Crown Meeting - Amsterdam - November 10-11th
« on: December 17, 2017, 09:06:24 pm »
    Crown Meeting - Amsterdam - November 10-11th

    We would like to thank everyone that came out to meet us in Amsterdam. It is always a pleasure seeing so many of us together.

    We have made a huge amount of progress over the past three months releasing Systemnodes developed by Ashot, adding Artem to lead our Atomic efforts, and all our ambassadors worldwide. We are extremely confident in where we are positioned. The first Atomic API will be available in the coming months.

    Crown believes in a future which is governed by its community, where the leading principles are the independence of the individual and strong social values.

    Crown will provide the platform that facilitates this interaction, and powers its creation.
    The project is still in its infancy. The team with the help of former Dash developers has created a solid, self-sustaining infrastructure, and is now developing features to create an inclusive platform.

    Crown's mission is to become a world leader in blockchain infrastructure, providing blockchain as a platform. In an effort to materialize part of this vision, Crown is working on a humanitarian project in the Caribbean with the potential to impact thousands of lives. We will have more updates on this project soon.

    The team believes the current market of ICOs is likely in a bubble. We expect there to be a big correction of the markets, where only those projects with a strong community and a real use will survive - like Amazon, Google, PayPal and eBay & co did in the dot-com bubble.

    To elaborate on our strategy, a paper will be released in the coming weeks outlining Crown's position, and why we strongly believe this approach will survive the correction.

    Marketing & Communications
    We want to grow our community with people who share our vision. People that will stick with us when the bubble bursts and the going gets tough. To this end, our communication and marketing efforts will be intensified over the coming period to reach more people.

    The rationale being that up until now, we have maintained a low profile as we have not had totally unique features to market. With the release of Systemnodes and the architecture of Atomic established, we believe now is the time to ramp up our marketing. To this end, a professional marketing team has been hired to support this endeavor.

    This means that you can soon expect to see a stronger online media presence for Crown. Starting with the introduction of a telegram group

    Team development
    To continue the momentum and build up more speed - an experienced developer has been hired to work on the Governance System full time, starting in December. He will work on integrating identity & registration on the blockchain.

    Furthermore, a notarization officer - someone familiar with the legal process will be recruited. This will be someone who can take ownership of developing it.

    To strengthen future releases, a part-time tester will be hired and efforts will be made to encourage community testing on Bitcointalk. Our system architect, imagineer and former Dash hangaround Chaositec will build a modular testnet, for automated testing.

    Last but not least, the options to recruit a project manager or assigning this role to someone currently on the team are considered - to assist the full-time developers.

    Ledger integration was funded by the community & dev team not too long ago. Unfortunately, Ledger decided that they could not support Crown integration due to potential BTC address conflicts. The funding for this proposal have been returned to the dev fund.

    In the meantime we are working on Bitcore. After Bitcore is integrated we will be working on the insight block explorer. This will allow for Crown integration on Trezor. Solving the BTC address conflicts will also be looked into, and should be feasible.

    During the meeting it was expressed that the current website had an unprofessional feel to it. We are looking at all angles of our project to improve, and welcome feedback from our community.

    We invite you to please share your thoughts about the website with us by completing this survey

    Atomic Community Presentation

    Upcoming Releases and Events
    Crown will release a naming convention and define terms. To keep more consistency and avoid confusion (i.e. confuse Atomic with Atomic Swaps). Ideas are welcome, and a vote will follow at a later point to decide the naming of releases.

    Dash has recently updated its block size. This is their take on solving transaction speed. Crown solves it in a different, more environmentally sustainable and at the same time elegant way, allowing for bigger theoretical throughput while staying lean. The research paper on this method will be drafted in the coming months and will be subjected to an academic peer review.

    An official Crown blog will be created to provide updates on what the team has been doing (including ambassadors).
    Upcoming Conferences
    Crown will attend the following conferences, and host a booth at each of them:
    [li]Malta - December 7th -
    [li]Miami - March 16th, 17th - Core team meeting

    Photos from the event -
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