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Author Topic: [48] Weekly Crown Update 27th November to 4th December 2017  (Read 1852 times)


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[48] Weekly Crown Update 27th November to 4th December 2017
« on: December 17, 2017, 09:03:33 pm »
Weekly Crown Update 27th November to 4th December 2017

First Commercial Hardware on Crown

We are proud to announce that we have secured a partnership with G-ME. G-ME is a tracking and communication device for children, families, elderly people and more that can enable them to register the device and its identity on the Crown blockchain. Our blockchain works as an immutable database, and the emergency information G-ME will provide cannot be counterfeited. This means that no one can change your blood type or emergency phone number. It is important to reiterate that personal information such as location, emergency phones, and diseases won't be available publically because it's not written to the blockchain in plaintext. It uses one-way encryption (hash) to do that, so the result cannot be decrypted and it doesn't reveal any information about personal data. This will be the first project built on Crown!

New Team Members

Two new team members have joined us starting today. The new developer has many years of experience in software engineering and architecture of different projects like enterprise security systems, forensics software, distributed systems etc. On previous projects, he worked as a senior developer, development coordinator and software architect. He will be working on governance part of Crown. Another team member will take the leading role of QA on the project. He also has many years of software testing experience and 2 ISTQB qualifications in testing. He worked as a senior quality analyst, and previously as a test manager and test team lead

We have worked with our marketing team to produce posts and ads that have been out since Tuesday. We have seen a great uptick in the community growth in just a few days since this effort has started and we expect the growth to continue.
Individual Team Member Progress

He has been hard at work on Atomic and producing the roadmap that we will follow over the next year

Over the past week I have been working on Qt GUI, user experience improvements - adding functionality to create Systemnodes/Masternodes automatically with just a few button clicks.

Last week we visited blockchain summit in Kiev, and obtained direct contacts with some businesses such as Remme which could be helpful for the future. We prepared a video that can be found here: We also prepared a new proposal for the upcoming conference on the 15th of December. Some subtitles in Ua has done, improving social media
As well as working on getting ready for Crown exhibiting and sponsoring the Malta Blockchain Expo on 7th December, I've been working on's new push, #NodeKnowledge. Creating up to date node / network info for current node operators and also attract newcomers.
I've also submitted a joint proposal with Snoops to provide a free Systemnode. We're hoping to create a month long initiative, promoting a social media based prize draw, where the winner receives a free Systemnode and 12 months free hosting courtesy of Node-VPS

I have worked with Vic to establish a partnership with G-ME by meeting with them and Madrid and accepted terms for them to build their project on top of Crown.

I have set up a coinscreen on on one of Perth's most popular Bitcoin ATMs which displays the live price of CRW/USD and CRW/BTC. This will incite public curiosity and attention. I've created infographics and a powerpoint in preparation for a presentation I will give this weekend on systemnodes.
I also created a twitter page which targets the Australian crypto community and am working towards attracting a much larger audience.


I have been talking to much of the community and developers, and negotiating agreements with different people. My week has mainly been working on theorizing ideas relating to Crown as a whole.

I have been dealing with questions relating to the sell-off we had with our former team member. I have contacted masternode rank sites. I have also completed some minor adjustments to the wiki and other general support stuff.

I have been updating the DNS nodes and electrumx. I have been fixing it at the same time as well as updating the iOS software.

latin Team
We have been preparing everything for the btc conference in miami, and working on the terms of various other agreements.

I have been busy with minor updates on the site, building a telegram bot, and have been investigating options for the Crown forum. I am also in the process of hiring a professional animator for a promotional animation video.

I have been maintaining the social media channels and have been working on getting our first week of posts and ads out with the hired marketing team. I have had several calls with them to go over our strategy moving forward. I have also worked with Luke to design a social media competition.

I've been busy with a load of mundane maintenance on core servers and meeting with investors.  I also built a Gitlab server to assist with future development. I have just started work on increasing our team bus factor

This week I have worked on arranging the appointments and all of the video campaign Jan and Philip have been on with our partners. I am in conversations to make crown exhibitor and sponsor of an exhibition in Santander next month. I have also put in some work on the Spanish twitter.

I am finishing up the January Ruhr University proposal, keeping track of some tabs that are still open. I'm curreny in Bangkok now for the world blockchain conference to represent crown at the networking event. We will see what comes out of it and tech support on mm quite a bit

I have been busy recovering wallets for members of our community and working on the design of the testnet system