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Author Topic: Crown update - Atomic (August 15th 2017)  (Read 3257 times)


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Crown update - Atomic (August 15th 2017)
« on: December 17, 2017, 09:02:28 pm »

Crown Atomic development

After the addition of Artem Brazhnikov, a crytpography and software security professional to the Crown dev team several
weeks ago with full focus on Crown OP_CODES, the dev team agreed with Artem based on his dedicated work,
that he will take a Lead Crown Atomic / API developer position.

This move has resulted in a shift of the originally indicated release dates of the Atomic project. Artem has spotted several system architecture issues,
where improvements need to be made so the team has decided to run several research analysis on potential solutions shifting the release
of the OP_CODES and API architecture.

Key findings of Artem are available here: OP_code Research

The Crown Atomic Dev team has also put together use cases for Crown Atomic, they are available here: Use Cases

Technical documentation

While the code is being written, one of our key document guys, Ivan Labra (iLabra) with the support of Artem and Chaositec,
is in the process of drafting technical documentation related to OP_CODES architecture.
This document will be released to the public in the coming weeks.

Atomic Team Growth

As Artem recently became a full time Crown team member, there is an extensive amount of work needs to be done
to complete the overall Atomic architecture. The core team will continue to bring more developers onboard at every opportunity that allows.
The teams main focus is to deliver the OP_codes and API.

Chronos Nodes Expanded to Service Nodes

The development team has rebuilt the idea of Chronos Nodes, and will change the fundamentals completely.
We are renaming Chronos Nodes to Service Nodes to represent the changes. The idea behind Chornos was to provide infrastructure for the
3rd way of confirming transactions ‘Mining’ Service nodes will provide more than just timekeeping services, they will be designed to provide services
to many functions. The most notable change is the move away from PoS instead a new type of masternode will replace the old “ChronosNode”.

Atomic / API deadlines

The original specifications for Crown Atomic have changed substantially. OP code and API integration could take more than 3 months to implement.
We will be making regular updates to testnet whenever we can, we hope to have a regular beat of testing Opcode related stuff soon.
Much more professional, technical documentation is being worked on and will be released in the coming weeks.

OP code And API proposal

Funds will be used to pay for development of OP_codes and API
Vote Hash: 132168b416f5c420da130d5815204e25dc96bd6720536bc2c3a5fcc4d9f3cbcf

More development on the horizon

1. Hardware wallet / ledger integration - another option we are analysing is Trezor, which might actually be more friendly
2. Omni plaftorm integration, which will enable to emit digital assets on Crown
3. Latin American marketing team of 3 professionals lead by a reputable Miami based banker Jerry Ruiz with the aim to grow and educate the Crown community in Latin America
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