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Author Topic: [39] Crown Atomic weekly update to the Community - 29.9.2017  (Read 1722 times)


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[39] Crown Atomic weekly update to the Community - 29.9.2017
« on: December 17, 2017, 09:01:38 pm »
Crown Atomic weekly update to the Community - 29.9.2017

The Crown dev team has agreed that a regular weekly update to the community will be communicated by every Friday. This will make the progress on the Atomic features more transparent

During this week the core Atomic team led by Artem, defunctec and chaositec worked hard to discuss and specify details of the Crown Atomic system and new actors in the Crown Governance System. Some of the previous design ideas were abandoned.

The discussion took place about the way of licensing masternodes, verify identities, encryption private data of identities, types of agreements in the network, cross-country and legal jurisdiction issues, how the system will empower actors (agents) with specific roles in the network, and how it will revoke them in case they start behaving dishonestly. Some fresh ideas have been discussed and approved by the team. It brings some new technical challenges though, so we work to design, specify and document different use cases of the system.

There are also changes to opcodes/transactions workflow, so new prototypes have been created according to the high-level design changes. The workflow became more complex including different multisig scenarios, but it seems to be more secure and decentralized way to create the system that we want. To make the system reliable and user-friendly some new subsystems may emerge (personal data confidentiality mechanism, mutisig communication) but they won't be a part of the first release of Crown Atomic, they will be planned for the next phases.