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« on: February 04, 2018, 08:09:01 pm »
Hello community!

Its time for the weekly Spain Ambassadors report.


Our devs keep working hard and we have finished another sprint in the App and backend development. Soon i will be able to share more screenshots of our progress. This week we had some meetings with schools to present G-ME and we got good feedback and maybe some orders coming in. The marketing campaign is still going but unfortunately it is not reflecting yet on our Indiegogo contributions. Remember you can also order or donate with CROWN, if you like the project any support is greatly apreciated, the Indiegogo campaign is still running for another 15 days. Apart from the campaign we are also talking with possible investors to join the project.

CROWN address for orders and donations: 15jfLi8jFtmmwuspN3MvCs78tbcXXQoosr

Recent G-ME & CROWN publications:

Bitcoin Magazine:
Quarterly Tech:
Micosoft Insider:
Social Geek:
Doblec Clic:


A meeting with a very interesting man from Casablanca was held. He was very interested in CROWN and wants to share the info with more people in Morocco, he already has joined Mattermost and is highly interested in setting up SNs & MNs.

We are finishing up the details for the contest and the meet up, we will release al the details the next 15 days. The CROWN sponsored conference will be held on the third weekend of May, 19th-20th, in San Lorenzo de el Escorial, Madrid. We want it to be an interactive weekend with speakers, round tables, workshops and contest winners presenting their projects. We would like to set-up a dedicated landing page with all the information within the webpage, we will speak with Matt to see if this is possible. If someone from the core team, ambassadors or community members would like to attend and present anything they are more than welcome, please let us know in advance to include you in the schedule. Even if you don't want to say anything everybody is welcome to join us since it will be a very interesting weekend.

This week we want to have a call with the devs to identify possible use cases that might serve as an example for the upcoming contest.

We also have been following up on Octopocket, as we reported last week they want to add some new coins to their APP in March, hopefully CROWN will be amongst them.

This is all for this week! Long live CROWN and have a great week  ;)

Lostjoker & Vic

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