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Author Topic: [44] - Crown Atomic Weekly Update 3 November  (Read 1689 times)


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[44] - Crown Atomic Weekly Update 3 November
« on: December 17, 2017, 08:58:55 pm »
Crown Atomic Weekly Update

During the last week Artem continued working on Atomic specification, he is working mostly on clarification of public key infrastructure which is an important part of the project. Yesterday Artem and the new developer he introduced to Crown discussed future steps with regard to his involvement in the project. He will be able to join Crown from December as a full time core developer.  The new developer will mostly be working on the governance part of Atomic, Atomic and Governance are closely linked and Atomic heavily relies on a solid voting platform.  Also the core team had their weekly meeting and discussed some important design changes that will influence the whole project, it will improve security and scalability of the system.

Systemnode Update

We see the light at then end of the tunnel with testing.. We're making sure to test as many potential use cases as we can to assure a smooth update.
When Systemnodes are released there will be a cut off point for the majority of the network to update (2 weeks).
This cut off point will be hard coded so make sure to update asap once the Systemnode update is released.

We expect to release Systemnodes before the development meeting in Amsterdam next Friday (Worst case is we release after the meeting)