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Author Topic: WEEKLY CROWN & G-ME REPORT  (Read 1228 times)


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« on: January 28, 2018, 08:44:24 pm »
Hi everybody,

This week we have made some new exciting contacts that we want to share with the community. But first things first, we would like to thank the community for supporting our Spain Ambassador proposal. There has been some controversy on the amounts of funds requested and how they will be used. We want to let you know that all the funds we spend will be accounted for. Our aim is to be transparent, this way the community knows exactly what the proposal money is being used for. Please bear in mind that it is two of us promoting CROWN and looking for new possible partnerships and ways to gain more visibility. Vic has already been doing a great job the last three months with his previous proposal. The last three months i have been promoting intensively CROWN myself and all expenses have come out of my own pocket. It would be really appreciated and we encourage everybody that has voted against our proposal to contact us so we can clarify and try to solve any questions you might have, this will also help us to know what it is you don't like about what we have proposed and adjust it if necessary.

After last weeks marketing efforts we are waiting for the marketing campaign to start showing some results. No significant results have been achieved yet in that aspect. Some of the journalist we reached out to have contacted us back asking some questions about the project and showing some interest. Lets see if this week some articles get published.

We have received two contributions in CROWN, one donation and one family pack purchase. Big thank you to the supporters. Feel free to donate or purchase G-ME in CROWN if you like the project  ;)


We have made some significant progress in promoting CROWN and gaining more visibility.

This week we have meet with two investors. One of them form Santander, he is a Tech Investor and attended last weeks Innorthvation Conference. We had a more in depth meeting to talk about CROWN and its possibilities for real use cases. Even though he is new to blockchain he is very interested and wants to learn more. The other investor runs a large investment fund in Switzerland and is very interested in the 2nd fase of our proposal, creating a blockchain hub/ecosystem sponsored by CROWN here in Spain focused on start ups wanting to use our application platform. We will have further meetings with him this month and we will keep you guys up to date.

This week we will start planning the nationwide contest for start ups and businesses as well as launching the little marketing campaign we had planned for CROWN to gain more visibility here in Spain. once we start receiving projects and pitches we will share them with the community to vote for the best ones.

We contacted with Octopocket,, a wallet that is directly  integrated in Telegram that allows users to buy, sells and transfer Bitcoin and FIAT. Next March more cryptos will be added, since the concept is very interesting we are trying to get CROWN on board.

In Bilbao we got together with SETapp, its a start up that is developing an App for physiotherapists with a high-level algorithm. We wanted to link this project to Crown but seems is not a blockchain use case suitable for Crown according to Artem.

The guys from Tastit will send us this week a Pitch of their project so we can share it with the community.

We had a meeting with two professors of U-Tad University in Madrid and they would like us to present the CROWN project to their students since they think Blockchain is here to stay and they see CROWN as a platform that is prepared to interact with real businesses. Ee also proposed sponsoring an event and they accepted. The conference will be held during the month of February.

Thats it for this week, please, if you have any questions or suggestions let us know, any input is greatly appreciated.

Have a great week. Long live CROWN!

Lostjoker & Vic