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Author Topic: [53] Crown Weekly Update January 15 2018 to January 24 2018  (Read 7740 times)


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[53] Crown Weekly Update January 15 2018 to January 24 2018
« on: January 24, 2018, 02:48:30 pm »
Crown Weekly Update January 15 2018 to January 24 2018

BTC Miami Conference
Crown attended the North American Bitcoin Conference last week. It was the largest conference in North America with nearly 5000 attendees. It was attended by Fabian Olesen (chaositec), Artem Brazhnikov (artem), and Joe Connors (snoops) of the core team, as well as Jerry Ruiz, Andres Jeanton, and Mike Schleifer of Crown LATAM. The team made countless connections with people throughout the industry that we expect will propel the project that we are in contact with. A detailed report of the conference will be available in the coming days. Pictures and media from the conference have already been posted, and more is on the way! Below are a few galleries from the event.

Innorthvation Santander Conference
Crown also attended the Innorthvation Conference held in Santander which was the first Blockchain Conference in Northern Spain. It was attended by Victor Martin (vic) and Luke Bettles (calnaughtonjnr).  There were 30 minutes to present Crown and discuss its main features. Several connections were made with prominent individuals that we are looking to work with.

A longer write-up about the event is available here:

Crown at Ruhr University
The Ruhr-Universtitšt Bochum News Portal has published an article discussing the lecture led by Ivan Labra (ilabra) and Roderic (Twister) at the Institute for Media Studies on January 15th. Students from the course Blockchain-Technology: From the Internet of Information Towards the Internet of Value submitted a proposal to the Crown governance system to fund the event. The course is imparted by Jose Herranz; a blockchain researcher at the Institute for Media Studies.
Read the full article here:

Crown Vlog and Blog
The new vlog series and blog on Medium will begin this week, but updates will continue to be posted here as well. We have calculated that Wednesdays will be the best release day for our new process. Keep an eye out for the launch!

Bitcore Implementation
Bitcore implementation is almost finished which will allow our community to use Trezor to store CRW. We are thrilled to offer this to our community so that we can all store our favorite token using the best security available.

Braziliex Exchange
The owner of Braziliex met with us in Miami and is a huge fan of the project. Braziliex is the fastest growing exchange in Brazil and wants to work with us to make Crown the biggest altcoin in Brazil. We will continue to work with him directly. Plans are being made for conferences, sponsorships and events in Brazil.

Crown Contests and Giveaways
We will have a new contest starting this week and many more in the weeks to come. Watch our Twitter for details!

Next Release
The next release will be available within a month. This release will simplify masternode and systemnode creation, allow for updates directly from the wallet, decrease the time to first systemnode/masternode reward and fix various bugs.
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