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Author Topic: [52] Crown Weekly Update January 08 2018 to January 15 2018  (Read 2075 times)


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[52] Crown Weekly Update January 08 2018 to January 15 2018
« on: January 15, 2018, 11:06:40 pm »
Crown Weekly Update January 08 2018 to January 15 2018

Ruhr University Lecture and Discussion
A lecture and discussion on the Crown Platform were held at Ruhr University in Germany. It was led by Ivan Labra (ilabra) and Roderic (twister). Pictures from the event will be available soon as well as an article by the university! We hope to continue spreading Crown and the discussion of our platform to the best and brightest in universities across the world.

BTC Miami Conference
This week we will be attending the BTC Miami Conference on January 18th and 19th. We hope to use this stage to build on our connections in North America. Keep an eye out on twitter for pictures and updates from the event!

Crown Vlog and Blog
A dedicated blog for Crown Announcements and news is being built on Medium. The vlogs will be hosted on our Crown Youtube page. The blogs and youtube videos will cover similar material, so whichever medium you prefer will be up to you! These will begin next week after the btcmiami event. These will most likely be posted on Tuesdays after the workflow is settled.

Crown Wallet Updater
Work is being done to allow Crown wallet updates directly from the wallet! Here is a sneak peek for what to expect:

Braziliex Exchange Listing
We are now listed on Braziliex! We hope to establish Crown as a favorite in Brazil as crypto continues to grow. This was a strategic long-term move. We expect this exchange to become a major player as the market continues to expand.

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