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[51] Crown Weekly Update January 01 2018 to January 08 2018


Crown Weekly Update January 01 2018 to January 08 2018

This week we asked the community to contribute CRW and BTC towards an unspecified goal in the amount of $100k. We understand that this ask was offputting to some because we did not disclose what these contributions were for. We completely understand this sentiment, but we felt that in this instance it was necessary to reach our shared goals with the community. We can't thank the community enough for the support we've had in this initiative raising over 150% of the goal in just three days. We will be thrilled to reveal what this has all been about as soon as we can.

Crown Systemnode Holiday Giveaway Contest
The Systemnode giveaway concluded on January 5th and our winner was @edirico on Twitter who will receive a Systemnode as well as 12 months of hosting courtesy of We will have many more giveaways coming soon due to the success of this contest.

New Website
Work on the new Crown website has begun. The release is set for March. Our goal is to maintain the heart of the values that Crown has represented while improving the information, communication and professionalism of the website.

Awesome job on the Crownfunding and congrats edirico!

great successful engagement! can't wait to hear more about the Crownfunding and start showing off all your online successes at my reactors so we can really show the local community here in Hillsboro what's going on. love it, keep up the good work!


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