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Dear, members of the community.

Most of you attended different conferences and meetings related to blockchain or ICO.
And all of you saw floor banners, with different inscriptions.
I'm sure that it would be nice to see big banners of the Crown, at such meetings.  8)

I suggest posting your designs here, for such banners.
Canvas size 1200x2000mm
These banners will be a great favor to the speeches of the speakers, about the Crown, and a perfect addition to the Crown Water.

Especially I'm waiting for variants of banners from designers of the site

Please post the picture and the source file. What would other participants be able to download the source file and change some of the inscriptions.


Few wallpapers


Business cards

Booklet psd

Booklet EN psd

Booklet RU psd

Banner EN psd
Booklet EN psd

Here are two files:

Long banners,

Feel free to use them!MmZCAIiJ!XLrUqi_ta_W-t0xDA2Qa7Q


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