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« on: May 05, 2018, 10:05:22 am »
Hi, all, here is the mini-report for the last month.
In May we have visited 4 events. Our main aim there was to introduce Crown to the audience and make them not only known about the platform, but also make them spoken about it.
The first conference was held in Moscow, next three in Kiev.
1. It was a huge, two-day Conference in Moscow where the Crown was a partner. Also, we were glad to get acquainted with Robert Veiko, CEO DASH, and talk about the Crown.
In Russia we had an important meeting with CEO of WEX - Dmitriy Vasiliev. We have discussed possibility of listing the Crown on the WEX exchange. Unfortunately, WEXs' owners put too high price, negotiations are still ongoing.
2. This Conference was held in Kiev, Ukraine. Successfully talked with majorylity about the Crown platform and it's mission, also explained what is mastenodes and sistemnode.
3. We had an opportunity to visit the most large-scale event in Eastern Europe - the IForum, the number of visitors was more than 12,000 people. There were introduced many different start-ups, as well as blockchain projects, which were interested in the Crown platform as a future platform for their projects.
4. Concerning this event, we can not say that it was very useful or productive - there were a bad organization and the audience of beginners who are not entirely familiar with the cryptocurrency.
Also, glad to say that the Russian translation of the Crown’s website is in process.  8)