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The Crown Knowledge
« on: January 01, 2018, 08:14:08 pm »
"The Knowledge" was first introduced by former team member Matt Zuck and can be found here:

Below is a list of declarations, or beliefs, that – according to him – should define the Crown community.
As a member of the community, which you become by using the platform and software, you agree to be governed by, and to protect, these declarations. 
These statements are just a starting point and are expected to evolve. We do not believe that one can create a community of value and use to humans without incorporating some agreed upon set of human values.

Please feel free to join the discussion on the Knowledge!


1.   We embrace all diversity except goal diversity.

2.   The goals of Crown will evolve as Crown evolves, based on dialogs within the community.

3.   Communication is impossible without a shared language and shared definitions.

4.   Work is best done in small groups with common goals and shared language.

5.   Core team membership is earned and maintained through service to the community.


6.   Global solutions develop from local problems.

7.   Human progress comes from human action.

8.   We can only imagine our future if we have learned from our past.

9.   The greatest acts are selfless.


10.   Commerce is sometimes private and sometimes public, neither is absolute.

11.   Freedom of commerce is a fundamental right similar to freedom of speech.

12.   Some commerce should be limited, but the bar should be a high one.

13.   Limitations to human agency can only be justified if they expand human agency.


14.   Where rule of law exists, we respect it – and where it does not, we help create it.

15.   Crown’s purpose is to enrich, empower and ennoble individual lives.

16.   The value of Crown will come from its utility, but its legitimacy will come from the pursuit of, and adherence to these declarations.