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How to submit a proposal
« on: December 13, 2017, 10:41:04 pm »
Useful links 
Active proposals: Crown Today / Crown Central
Proposal generator: Crown Today
Proposals history: Crown Today / Crown Central

Visit the Proposals / Budgets section for a proposal template and more resources.

Do you have questions about the proposal system? Ask here.

NOTE: The following guide explains in more detail the steps your proposal must go through before submission. The Crown Today proposal generator will help you with this in an easier way. Alternatively, you could use the tutorial on Youtube.

Submitting a proposal
Proposals go through a series of stages before being paid:
- Preparation: create a special transaction that takes the 25 CRW collateral fee needed to submit a proposal from your wallet.
- Submitting: Submit your proposal to the network with the transaction id generated above as proof that you sent 25 CRW collateral.
- Voting: Masternode owners vote on your proposal.
- Finalization: At the end of each payment period, proposals are sorted then compiled into a finalized budget.
- Payment: The winning finalized budgets are paid out on the superblock date.

1. Prepare collateral transaction
A command must be entered that will take 25 CRW as collateral from your wallet. Make sure you have those funds ready!
Go to Tools -> Debug Console and enter the preparation command with the following syntax:

PROPOSAL_NAME must be shorter than 21 characters
URL must be shorter than 65 characters and should be a link that points to your proposal submission document
PAYMENT_COUNT signifies the amount of months (i.e. superblocks) you request funding for
To find out the BLOCK_START, check for when the next superblock will occur
RECEIVING_ADDRESS signifies the address where you want your funding to be sent in case the proposal passes
MONTHLY_PAYMENT is the amount that you want to receive per month

Example: mnbudget prepare forum-maintenance 3 1468800 1BfRZNCY68hhfLmd61fw4cCHTWrvxGwKo1 1000
This proposal would receive 3 payments of 1000 CRW.

The prepare command then gives an output, which we shall call PREPARE_OUTPUT.
This output may look something like this: 9e635d03077435a19da38414a4ff43f76bcb46d01334b6cfd95546d45de46c80. This is the transaction id, which you'll need to copy for the next step.

2. Submit proposal to the network
Step 2 will submit the proposal to the network. First, click the 'Transactions' tab in your wallet and see if the 25CRW collateral has received at least 6 confirmations. If this is done, enter the submit command according to the following syntax:


Only two things have changed:
prepare is replaced by submit
PREPARE_OUTPUT is the output you received in step one

Example: mnbudget submit forum-maintenance 3 1468800 1BfRZNCY68hhfLmd61fw4cCHTWrvxGwKo1 1000 9e635d03077435a19da38414a4ff43f76bcb46d01334b6cfd95546d45de46c80

Your proposal has now been submitted and will again give you an output, which will look like: a2b29778ae82e45a973a94309ffa6aa2e2388b8f95b39ab3739f0078835f0491 - This is your proposal's voting hash, which is a unique identifier for your proposal and can be used by voters (Masternode operators) to upvote or downvote your proposal.

That's it! Go lobby for your proposal!
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