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« on: March 04, 2018, 08:54:21 pm »
Hello Community,

Its great to see how the whole team got together in Miami and all the great milestones that have been achieved and the ones that are coming up, really exciting times ahead! Vic could attend the meet up and i followed it through the online stream :)

We want to let you know that there has been a change in our initial proposal. Our idea was to hold a contest for real use cases of the CROWN platform. However, after the first month of looking for participants and them asking us if they could test or try the CROWN API and this not being possible at the moment, we have decided to postpone the contest until the CROWN platform is ready. We have decided to use the funds to sponsor and organize a blockchain event in Madrid. We have already spent some time looking for the venue and participants. Next week we will receive 3 different proposals for 3 different venues, we will share them with the community and we will choose the one that is more appropriate. Our idea is to have throughout the event day different "round tables" with invited businesses from different verticals and interact with the public that will be attending. We don't want it to be the typical conference where people just listen, we ant it to be more interactive. The leitmotiv of the event will be based on Blockchain and real use cases. The event will be held before summer and we will open up the inscriptions once we have confirmation from the different speakers and businesses. We will charge a small amount, we think its is good since the space will be limited aprox. 120 people, that way only people who are really interested will sign up, and it will also help us to cover some of the costs.

We will keep you up to date with all the info and the dates once they are confirmed. Everybody is more than welcome to join.

Have a great week and long live CROWN!

Lostjoker & Vic