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Our weekly report
« on: February 20, 2018, 04:19:31 pm »
Last week was quite complicated. But we cope with difficulties and prepared a report on the work we have done.

Firstly, we have prepared samples for printing conference materials, which are provided in the attachments ( As you can see, everywhere in the design examples one style is traced, which will ensure the best acceptance of the Crown at events.

Secondly, we analyzed all conferences that will be held in Kiev and Moscow and we found contacts of the organizers of the largest conference in Russia and Ukraine.

BlockchainDayRu ( )
BlockchainDaiUa (

After long discussions with organizers of this conference, we came to an agreement about cooperation and a huge discount. (
The general price for two countries (Ukraine and Russia) as you see is more than $5000. Moreover, it includes the economy option. But we succeeded to agree on a discount only with mutual services.
From our side is advertising in our personal channel in Telegram and video shooting in (YouTube) and also in Instagram. By them is discount 50%+. So two countries cost us only $2000 ($1000 Moscow and $1000 Kyiv). We have discussed such agreement with @benderweb to save the crown budget, and he gladly agreed. We would like to hear the feedback from you @chanel

Thirdly, after long decisions and about the promotion of social networks and also we take into account @snoops . We decided to use hidden marketing for more involvement of the Russian-language community and rename our personal blog @Moredash) in  Telegram/Instagram/Facebook to @Moredash_morecrown.
Thus, the efficiency will be higher, because we won’t say direct about Crown all the time. We will just not accidentally mention about Crown periodically.

Fourthly, we had released a video today because one of us could not take part in the video shooting because of health reasons. Therefore, we apologize. And we promise to relies it but later.

Fifth, this week we paid $500 to YouTube Channel (, there will be a video overview in which the crown will be discussed.

Sixth, we agreed to hold «IT-FORUM» in the university. Crown will be mentioned in social medias as a main sponsor. For more presence, we also prepered some printed matterials with the logo of Crown.