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« on: February 19, 2018, 09:24:22 pm »
Hello community,

Our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign finished today, unfortunately, we didn't achieve our funding goal. First of all i want to thank the CROWN core team and all the people that believe in the project and are supporting us by spreading the word, mentioning us in articles and livestreams, purchasing, donating... you are awesome!  8) We got a total of 14 purchases and 1 donation, that means 1400 € of the 50.000 € goal, could have been worse  ;D A couple of weeks ago we also created a specific crown address for crown donations, we got one purchase and one donation making a total of 130 CROWN. Not achieving our goal doesn't mean we won´t go forward, the project is still alive and on track.

Even though we didn't hit our target we will deliver all the G-MEs that have been purchased. Due to the funding being unsuccessful we will also have a little delay in ur manufacturing process and will have to ship the G-ME later than previously promised. I will keep you up to date on the estimated dates, but we will do everything possible to deliver before summer.

Some people in the community have suggested to start a crypto crowdfunding campaign. In order for people to donate or purchase G-ME with CROWN. @calnaughtonjnr and @mattblack are setting up and designing a landing page for that purpose, your help is greatly appreciated! So if you still want to support the project you will be able to do so with crypto. As soon as the page is up i will share the URL.

We have learned a lot from the campaign, we think we have identified the possible stoppers; we have clearly understood what market we must aim for and we have made great contacts and business opportunities, i will share them soon. Any feedback or comments from any community member is more than welcome. And if any of you want to partner up with GME to work a as distributor or official partner in your country please contact me.

I will keep posting updates on our progress on a regular basis. Lets see if the crypto crowdfunding campaign is more successful than the FIAT one  :)

Have a great week!


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