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Articles / General Media / My First rendezvous with Crypto Event
« on: March 03, 2018, 12:40:02 pm »
Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference of 22 Feb held in Bengaluru was my first opportunity to meet with those people who truly believe in Cryptocurrency. I have been just browsing and searching internet virtually for last two months to know what Crypto is all about.  Before two month, whenever I Google searched “Crypto or Bitcoin in India”, I only encountered negativity. Crypto or Bitcoin, according to me, was highly volatile and one sort of gambling. News of overnight millionaires or those who lost millions after investing in Bitcoin were flashed in social media as well as mainstream media which portrayed Crypto negatively. To some extent, mainstream media still writes shit about crypto which is far from reality. I realised this after attending this most important conference which was an eye opener to me. Now I am sure that I have made a right decision to associate myself with Crown Platform.

With mixed feelings of over-excitement and nervousness, I stepped into the venue. I was the first attendee who entered conference hall. Everything was ready in an organised way. Kudos to the Organizer Smile Expo. Three Big screens were in the front welcoming us graciously. Middle Screen was reflecting the names of Sponsors, Participants in the Exhibition Areas and Info Partners. Gradually, attendees one by one were pouring into the hall. As usual, I was hesitant to talk to anybody there. Few attendees were busy clicking each other’s photo. I even managed to click selfies in order to collect my proof of evidence. I should have utilized this pre-event time in mixing with other people, but I always find it very hard to initiate. I was surprised how come I convinced myself to come to this event with my over-shyness nature. The existing moment was offering me an excellent space to come out of my comfort zone. So I decided to go to another hall where coffee was served. Few people were standing and chit-chatting there. I didn’t know what they were doing was networking. They were utilizing pre-event time. I was just standing there alone with coffee cup in my hand. I acted like a Standee there who wears Crown logo T-shirt to promote Crown Platform. I was able to grasp the attention of one lady named Laxmi, one of the Team members of Arnab Naskar (happened to be first speaker of the event). She enquired about me. This was the first moment when I introduced myself in the event. I proudly stated my association with Crown Platform. I gave my visiting Card for the first time to someone. We both were joined by Nappinai N S, Advocate at Supreme Court & Bombay High Court. She is expert in Cyber Laws, Constitution, Criminal, IPR and an Author of "Technology Laws Decoded”.  She is a one of the speakers in the event. We thrice had a short and interesting conversation and we were joined by Arnab Naskar. I was actively listening to chat between both Nappinni and Arnab which presented positive picture about the future of Cryptocurrency in India.  By skipping Exhibition area, I straight away entered into main conference hall where I was greeted by couple of Attendees. We exchanged visiting cards and introduced each other. Here I grabbed attention of one of the IT guys whose name is Guneet Tandon. He was interested in Crown Platform and wanted know more about it. So I took his mobile number and gave my card along with flyer to him so that we keep in touch in future.

Event started with welcome speech by Jignesh BARFIWALA, moderator of the entire show. He successfully moderated each and every session by introducing speakers one by one. The first speaker of the event was Arnab Naskar who interestingly spoke about “ICO regulation in European Union and Switzerland” I was anxiously looking forward to the next session of Nappinni N S who discussed Government's position on cryptocurrencies; its legal implications & possible outcomes. It was really an eye opener to me which broke all the legal misunderstanding I had regarding Cryptocurrencies. Then, Mani Madhukar talked at length on Enterprise Blockchain including use cases being pursued in enterprise space in his session effectively. Harmeet Singh Monga in his session highlighted different use-cases of blockchain across industries such as Finance, supply chain, IOT etc. He explained Blockchain in easy manner so that layman person like me could understand. When I asked him during the session about my future in cryptocurrency industry inspite of non technological background. He motivated me by saying that he is too non tech guy. If he can, why can’t I? This statement of his motivated me a lot. Toward the end of the event in networking session, I felt nervous and couldn't come out to talk to him which I regretted. Interesting panel discussion was moderated by Ravikant Agrawal who was joined by Anirudh Rastogi, Harmeet Singh Monga and Reenu Saluja. They beautifully expressed their views on “How ICO could lead blockchain innovation and challenges associated to it”.

During break, I hurriedly had my lunch and reached exhibition area. I should have shared my visiting cards with all the exhibitors. But I failed to communicate with them, except one. Shyness gripped me and I didn’t utilize the break time in my favour. When I just silently sit and waited for next session, somebody from back invited me to chit-chat with him. His name was Abhik Biswas. He is a co-founder of Prakat Solution. We both had short but useful conversation. In real sense God gifted me a chance to talk about Crown and showcase my potential. I was feeling very bad due to my inability to do networking during the break time. I confidently talked about my Crown venture and my Virtual assistance career of the past. According to him, He believes in blockchain technology, but can’t bet on cryptocurrency. I asked him whether his opinion was influenced by government stance. Moreover he showed his concern on not getting right talent for his company. He wanted me to help him hiring talented and technologically equipped young people from Northeast India who are willing to relocate to Bengaluru. Actually He was impressed by me.

After coffee break, many more sessions were lined-up. Ashley Turing spoke on moving digital rights management to the blockchain. Palash Bagchi discussed about bringing Cryptocurrency and Blockchain to the Mainstream with Loyalty & Rewards. Rajesh Gopi’s session on Rebuilding Finance with the World's Digital Assets was interesting. Reenu Saluja gave important lecture on securing blockchain applications. Gennady Volchek in his session highlighted on use of blockchain for brand protection and consumer engagement. Evan Luthra superbly communicated her knowledge on underwriting the future of blockchain with Almora Investment Bank. Daniil Girdea presented his unique and innovation idea on augmented Reality and blockchain Synergy. Varun Satyam disclosed his views on how Blockchain is making a difference in education and aged care sector. Last but not the least, Sharan Nair presented wonderful session on marketing strategy development for large-scale cryptocurrency related business. Inspite of the fact that his session was the last when most of the people got tired, he hold everybody's attention.

With Moderator’s closing remarks, all were headed toward another hall for networking where I failed miserably. I was lost and freezed in the networking session towards the end. It was not the way I wanted to project myself. Again I was standing there like a Standee meaninglessly displaying my Crown Logo T-shirt. With little bit of courage, I started speaking with Sharan Nair who was just standing next to me. I was literally stammering, but somehow managed to tell him about Crown. I even shared crown flyer with him. I already gave my card to him. Fortunately he recognised me because I made him my LinkedIn connection beforehand.  I didn't able to put across my views due to nervousness. But he still motivated me and listened to my borken words.

With this mixed experience of happiness and misery, my first blockchain conference had ended. I learnt a lot and hopefully apply the knowledge in near future. I am just two month old in crypto arena and not in a position to express any analytical viewpoint on this event. This event has brought positivity in my life for sure and I have decided to go ahead in Crypto world without any doubt. I have already pulled up my sox to participate in the next blockchain and cryptocurrency event.

Articles / General Media / CROWN - Build your Kingdom!
« on: March 03, 2018, 12:38:31 pm »
One word comes to my mind when I started exploring CROWN for the first time and that is “Revolution”. This revolution has a capability of changing economies of world on the basis of decentralization. The Power of decision making lies with each and every individual rather than handful of people. I am sick of one day democracy when I cast my vote and on other days I am powerless. I want to breathe democracy on a daily basis which is peer to peer. This desire is a distant dream if we continue to live with traditional approach. The CROWN of Blockchain technology offers us a golden opportunity of life-time which not only changes our lives and outlook, but also traces light on loopholes of Traditional Centralised System which we are forced to adopt due to the lack of any alternatives. Now we have alternatives. Then what are we waiting for?

I am very new to the world of blockchain Technology and knew nothing about it before.I heard about Bitcoin, but didn’t know what it was. In my part of world we are still obsessed with Paytm and never think beyond it. I had a vague idea about Bitcoin that it was a Digital currency. The term ‘Cryptocurrency’ sounds too technical to my ears. To clear my doubts, I started browsing those web pages which give informations on Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency. According to Don & Alex Tapscott, Authors of Blockchain Revolution (2016), “The Blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions that can be programmed to record not just financial transactions but virtually everything of value.” Blockchain technology is like the internet in that it has a built-in robustness. By storing blocks of information that are identical across its network, the Blockchain cannot be controlled by any single entity and has no single point of failure. Wikipedia describes Cryptocurrency (or crypto currency) as a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange that uses cryptography to secure its transactions, to control the creation of additional units, and to verify the transfer of assets. Cryptography is a set of mathematical equations which are designed to make people get confused when they’re run forward. They only get clear when they’re run backward using special keys.

Crown (CRW) is a digital commodity and application platform for driving technical & financial innovation which uses both Blockchain technology and cryptography. Crown is more advanced than Bitcoin. The Crown project aims to become a global payment, messaging and application platform, enabling developers to build complex new economy applications and offering an efficient low transaction cost platform to store value, register ownership and manage contractual relationships.

I almost understood non technical part of CROWN. However, I partially failed to understand technical aspect of it which is very complicated. I am positive that I will understand CROWN in its entirety very soon. I also have a desire to adopt this application in my day to day life. I now realize that how partial is our traditional system. We mere become puppets in hand of monopolized centralized system. Time has come when we must utilize CROWN as well as Blockchain Technology for our better future where there is no place for discrimination and every opinion counts.

Hi People,

I am attending Blockchain Event of Bengaluru, India @2 Feb (

I am excited to attend this event which will give me an opportunity to learn more about Cryptocurrency.

Is anybody from our Crown Community attending this event?

[email protected]

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