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Proposals / Budget / [Funded] Crown Triton Rowing Club Sponsoring
« on: January 19, 2018, 03:33:04 pm »
The proposal can be found here:
Requested funding is 500CRW, and the proposal entails a sponsorship for a Crypto meetup at Triton.
However it also offers Crown the possibility to build a long term partnership with Triton, being able to look at the possibilities to implement real world use cases of the Crown API once ready. For both membership administration, but also keeping a race time record on the Crown Blockchain.

U.S.R. "Triton" is a rowing student society in Utrecht, the Netherlands. The society was founded in 1880. Currently it counts 900 active ambitious students members. U.S.R. “Triton” is a 138 year old society, but keeping up with its time.
Since 1880 Triton established itself over the centuries into the thriving society it is today.
Rowers at Triton are very driven and always looking for possibilities to develop themselves. A good example of this mentality are the Olympic rowers who started their rowing career at Triton and who are still active within the society.
Last year Triton has stated her long-term vision, which is as follows: “Triton is an ambitious student rowing society where rowing is paramount and performances are encouraged. It is a society in which students are encouraged to be active and to develop themselves.”

Ideas / [Idea] Proposal fee refund / static fiat amount for a proposal
« on: December 19, 2017, 05:08:22 pm »
Currently, the proposal fee is 25CRW.
This used to be around 25 to 50$. But is increasing rapidly.

The goal as far as I understand for the fee, is to incentive quality projects and keep spam away. To avoid a Dash situation where one has to pay upwards of 1k for a proposal, why not decide what a reasonable amount is, and make a fixed function for that.


Keep the fee in escrow until superblock is reached, and then release the fee back to all the proposals that passed.

Proposals / Budget / [Archive] Crown paid advertising / Branding campaign
« on: December 19, 2017, 11:50:11 am »
Very few people know about the existence of Crown (CRW). For instance, in Austria (this extrapolates globally), only 4% of the population are involved with cryptocurrencies, even from that the majority has not even heard about CRW. The goal of this paid advertising campaign is to brand CRW, that said create awareness and spread the vision of CRW. The platforms used for this campaigns will mainly be Facebook (and Instagram, they are available on one platform), Google and Twitter. The goal and at the same time the performance indicators are first of all to raise the average number of homepage visitors from 450 to consistently over 1000 visitors per day and secondly to establish a weekly CRW newsletter to a steadily growing E-Mail list. Further work could include to stepping up the merchandising and its promotion. Most of the CRW investors don’t even know that there are merchandise products available.

Funds requested: 2.950 CRW per month.

Facebook is as of now underachieving compared to the Twitter account. This proposals aim is to change that too:


Please see the proposal here:

To vote with your masternode yes:
mnbudget vote-many cbd0f6e1ec18fed33843f0caca6223549c43ab461b43c230a69e0fc115131210 yes

or vote no:
mnbudget vote-many cbd0f6e1ec18fed33843f0caca6223549c43ab461b43c230a69e0fc115131210 no

Crown Weekly Update December 11th 2017 to December 18th 2017

Crown at Blockchain Conference Kiev
We made several contacts with businesses that are interested in our platform. We are waiting to hear back to work with them and talk about their possibilities with Crown. There was a particularly strong interest in our incentivized nodes as a possibility for passive income through the block reward. Most of our questions surrounded the governance system.

Pictures from the event:

Road Map

The date for the roadmap release has been announced. It will be released Thursday, December 21st. This release represents a major step forward for our platform as we unveil our vision for the platform in 2018. 

G-ME & Crown Kickstarter Campaign
G-ME has finished and released their kickstarter campaign, but it is still under review by Kickstarter. Once the campaign is accepted we will make announcements on all of our major media channels with links to the videos. 

Systemnode Contest
A contest for a free systemnode will begin this week assuming proposal votes stay the same. Contests details will be available soon!

Crown Forum
The first image of our new Crown forum has been posted on our twitter. We hope this forum can be another helpful resource for the Crown community. It will be easier to organize announcements (like this one) and find answers to common questions with a dedicated forum. We will continue to post here, but the idea is to link from Bitcointalk instead of using it as the primary hosting vehicle.

Crown Vlog
Everything is coming together for the start of a dedicated Crown vlog. The posting frequency and exact format is still being worked on, but you should hope to see the first upload in the coming weeks!

Wallet UX
Testing on the new wallet UX featurues are going well and will be available in the next release. This release will dramatically reduce the installation time for masternodes and systemnodes.

Events / Meetups / Bangkok World Blockchain Conference - December 4th 2017
« on: December 17, 2017, 10:52:43 pm »
Bangkok world Blockchain conference

Blockchain World Conference Bangkok 2017

by Twister


Crown has solid fundamentals (the triple/quadruple T’s) by the metrics of some Angel Investors and Gurus in the field. Overall it is good news for Crown, and it puts Crown easily between the few quality projects out there. Also the fact that it is not premined, and a project from 2014 with no ICO surprised many people in a good way.

Where Crown can improve upon, is a more professional business strategy structure. And highlighting the valuable asset that is Ivan. Some other interesting points were the hunger for transaction speed in the field, and the possibility of peer2peer money lending as a business case opportunity for blockchain in China.

(Opening of the Blockchain World Conference - Bangkok)


Overall the conference was aimed beginners and enthusiasts - focused at ICOs, but of course some of the aspects applicable to ICOs are also relevant for ongoing projects like Crown. There were various talks on how to invest, how to value ICOs from the outside and some more technically focused ones by NEO & ZCoin. Also quite some shilling of projects (although WePower does look interesting to me - tokens as a utility which could also be hosted on a systemnode once the Crown API is available). A very mixed a-typical blockchain crowd of visitors was present, which was explained by the affiliate / advertising people attending, who have their conference from the 6th till the 9th of Dec in Bangkok.

The T’s (Team, Tech, Token, Timeline)

When asked what makes a good project, Independently from each other both Henok Tekle (Angel Investor) and Steve Jernigan ( said to use the 3 or 4 T’s: Team, Tech, Token (and Timeline).

  • Team: what kind of people do you have on board, do you have the skillset to actually develop the product you want to make? But also: do you have entrepreneurs who know their way around in starting a company and have preferably failed with some before.
  • Tech: does it make sense/is it a good product. Is it scalable etc.
  • Token: what is the distribution of the token? Was there a premine, do the founders hold over 50%?
  • Timeline: Is there a roadmap, and are ideas already materialized into a real product - so is there any progress.

(Henok Tekle speaking)

This is overall good news for Crown. Most of these points (tech, token, timeline) Crown ticks with ease - confirming the quality project it is.
The thing where Crown can improve in my opinion is business strategy/leadership: growing into a more structured organism. But I do think that we have the pieces in place to tackle this if we want.

Another interesting point that came up was to look for the advisors of ICOs: If a project has a long list of advisors - it’s probably overcompensating for a shit idea. What are is a project doing with 5-10 advisors? And also look the advisors themselves: how many projects do they advise on. If that’s 10-20, when do they sleep lol.
For Crown this might be a relevant; spotlight Ivan more on the website - with his extensive experience & track record managing open source projects, technical know how and analytical mind he is a very strong force within the project. This should be more easily findable on the website in my opinion.

Applications: Peer 2 peer money lending

A further use case for Crown might be peer2peer money lending - which is apparently huge in China, translates very well to blockchains.
This could be something Crown can be working on to facilitate. Or think about how it would work, and outline this somewhere in a video or document as a business case for a Systemnode business.

Tech: Processing speed

A very, very hot topic was processing capacity of chains. A couple of ICO’s (but also businesses I spoke with) where explicitly looking for a blockchain solution (a platform if you will) to host their application which could handle fast transaction speeds. We are working on our NTP integration, so we’ve got the focus and vision - but communicating this more is an opportunity right now.

(Note the TPS of only 1.000 for NEO and just 20 for Ethereum)

Market valuation

More of an interesting view on it: For an investor it is an important metric to know what the possible size is of the market in contrast to where it currently is at. For Ethereum for instance, it’s probably at quite high, at it’s max size/will grow more slowly.
In contrary for Crown, having such solid fundamentals and being similar in some ways to Dash, this probably means that the market valuation is very low - thus the potential very high.


It was an interesting event, with lots of enthusiasts and potential investors. Overall the fundamentals of Crown are very solid by the standards of what people in the space measure ICOs by. For the communication part, ideas have been gathered on how to improve further, outlined above.

(Really nice food ;) )

I’ve been handing out business cards a lot, and spoke to people about Crown. To (big) investors, but also developers. In general most people were interested, but it has to be seen what follows from that.

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Events / Meetups / Crown Team Meeting - Amsterdam - November 10-11th 2017
« on: December 17, 2017, 10:48:07 pm »
    Crown Meeting - Amsterdam - November 10-11th

    We would like to thank everyone that came out to meet us in Amsterdam. It is always a pleasure seeing so many of us together.

    We have made a huge amount of progress over the past three months releasing Systemnodes developed by Ashot, adding Artem to lead our Atomic efforts, and all our ambassadors worldwide. We are extremely confident in where we are positioned. The first Atomic API will be available in the coming months.

    Crown believes in a future which is governed by its community, where the leading principles are the independence of the individual and strong social values.

    Crown will provide the platform that facilitates this interaction, and powers its creation.
    The project is still in its infancy. The team with the help of former Dash developers has created a solid, self-sustaining infrastructure, and is now developing features to create an inclusive platform.

    Crown's mission is to become a world leader in blockchain infrastructure, providing blockchain as a platform. In an effort to materialize part of this vision, Crown is working on a humanitarian project in the Caribbean with the potential to impact thousands of lives. We will have more updates on this project soon.

    The team believes the current market of ICOs is likely in a bubble. We expect there to be a big correction of the markets, where only those projects with a strong community and a real use will survive - like Amazon, Google, PayPal and eBay & co did in the dot-com bubble.

    To elaborate on our strategy, a paper will be released in the coming weeks outlining Crown's position, and why we strongly believe this approach will survive the correction.

    Marketing & Communications
    We want to grow our community with people who share our vision. People that will stick with us when the bubble bursts and the going gets tough. To this end, our communication and marketing efforts will be intensified over the coming period to reach more people.

    The rationale being that up until now, we have maintained a low profile as we have not had totally unique features to market. With the release of Systemnodes and the architecture of Atomic established, we believe now is the time to ramp up our marketing. To this end, a professional marketing team has been hired to support this endeavor.

    This means that you can soon expect to see a stronger online media presence for Crown. Starting with the introduction of a telegram group

    Team development
    To continue the momentum and build up more speed - an experienced developer has been hired to work on the Governance System full time, starting in December. He will work on integrating identity & registration on the blockchain.

    Furthermore, a notarization officer - someone familiar with the legal process will be recruited. This will be someone who can take ownership of developing it.

    To strengthen future releases, a part-time tester will be hired and efforts will be made to encourage community testing on Bitcointalk. Our system architect, imagineer and former Dash hangaround Chaositec will build a modular testnet, for automated testing.

    Last but not least, the options to recruit a project manager or assigning this role to someone currently on the team are considered - to assist the full-time developers.

    Ledger integration was funded by the community & dev team not too long ago. Unfortunately, Ledger decided that they could not support Crown integration due to potential BTC address conflicts. The funding for this proposal have been returned to the dev fund.

    In the meantime we are working on Bitcore. After Bitcore is integrated we will be working on the insight block explorer. This will allow for Crown integration on Trezor. Solving the BTC address conflicts will also be looked into, and should be feasible.

    During the meeting it was expressed that the current website had an unprofessional feel to it. We are looking at all angles of our project to improve, and welcome feedback from our community.

    We invite you to please share your thoughts about the website with us by completing this survey

    Atomic Community Presentation

    Upcoming Releases and Events
    Crown will release a naming convention and define terms. To keep more consistency and avoid confusion (i.e. confuse Atomic with Atomic Swaps). Ideas are welcome, and a vote will follow at a later point to decide the naming of releases.

    Dash has recently updated its block size. This is their take on solving transaction speed. Crown solves it in a different, more environmentally sustainable and at the same time elegant way, allowing for bigger theoretical throughput while staying lean. The research paper on this method will be drafted in the coming months and will be subjected to an academic peer review.

    An official Crown blog will be created to provide updates on what the team has been doing (including ambassadors).
    Upcoming Conferences
    Crown will attend the following conferences, and host a booth at each of them:

    Photos from the event -[/list][/list]

    Events / Meetups / Crown Team Meeting - Toronto - August 18th 2017
    « on: December 17, 2017, 10:47:10 pm »
    Crown Team Meeting - Toronto - 18th August 2017

    12 members of the core team met in the Windsor Arms Hotel in Toronto, flying just under 100,000km to be there.  The formal meeting was held between 0900 and 1600 however discussions continued long into the night and for several days.

    Crown Atomic

    The majority of the Friday session was spent discussing final details and plans for the Crown Atomic release including final confirmation of what would and wouldn't be included in the upcoming release.  The team discussed the API stubs and OP codes at length, with some time being  spent reviewing code by @mdz and @infernoman.

    The team discussed and walked through the logic behind the Crown Atomic API and how it would work in reality using soon to be real life examples. Crown Atomic will be available in Testnet on 1st September.

    Release Management & Testing

    The team discussed and agreed that more formality was required in defining future releases.  It was agreed that a release management and testing procedure is to be created to assist in future releases.

    Team Resourcing

    Crown is delighted to announce that the core team is being joined by Jerry Ruiz, a hedge fund marketing manager originally from Ecuador but now based in Miami.  Jerry will be promoting Crown from within his circles and also working on use cases for the Latin American market.

    It was announced at the meeting that a new core team member will be joining in September in order to help with PR, communications and marketing.  The new team member is finishing up his role at a major online tech magazine and is looking forward to helping move the project forwards.

    Current team staffing levels were discussed and it was agreed that it would be beneficial to Crown to recruit some new C++ and QT5 developers. A recruitment drive will be announced soon. Recruitment will be aimed at both the crypto world and traditional IT employment markets.  If anybody has skills that they would like to bring to the Crown team, please contact us for an informal discussion.

    Legal Structure

    The ambition of the Crown project is to become a major decentralized platform to conduct business on. As such, an important hurdle to be taken is the legal structure to accommodate this.

    To our knowledge, no legal framework that supports the legal side of crypto exist yet. So the Crown Team is pioneering in this, and are in the process of constructing a framework to facilitate an operation that can accommodate legal requirements.

    The pieces of the puzzle are starting to come together, and look promising. We expect to have a legal framework that supports businesses in the US and EU in the not so distant future.

    An announcement related to this will be made shortly.


    The Crown team and their partners are starting to work on four papers which will show concrete use cases of integration of a business through the Crown API and / or the layer which we envision to develop with Omni.

    1. Integration of on to Crown, settling a transaction between two parties on the blockchain.

    2. An application running on a Tron:

    3. A solution for a sovereign country to use cryptocurrency to manage debt obligations. The case study country will be Ecuador.

    4. A startup platform using the blockchain to settle ownership, protect IPR and the overall contractual relationship between an angel investor and a new idea / startup.

    Next Meeting

    It was agreed that the next Core Team and public sessions will be held in Amsterdam on November 10th and 11th 2017.  It was suggested that the following core team meeting might be held in South America, feedback and suggestions on this choice of location are welcomed.

    Events / Meetups / Crown Team Meeting – Prague - April 29th 2017
    « on: December 17, 2017, 10:46:06 pm »
    CROWN UPDATE – 29th April Meeting

    The core team met in Prague on April 27th, 28th and 29th.  Everyone paid their own way to the meeting.  Team members arrived during the day on the 27th from Canada, the US and Europe, and met for dinner at the Lokal Pub.

    On the 28th the team spent the day around a conference table which got old by the end of the day, but everyone agreed was well worth the bit of drudgery. 

    On the morning of the 29th, the team met with community members.

    In attendance were: stonehedge, infernoman, chaositec, defunctec, mdz/urban_idler, crowncoin_knight



    The core team will be meeting face to face for 3 day sessions including a community meet-up every three months instead of every six months.  There is just too much to do.  The team is looking to schedule the next meeting in Toronto in August.

    The release schedule for wallet updates will continue to be roughly every six months.  We do not expect this pacing to change.


    One of the lessons of the last two months is that this core team could do a lot better at communications and training.  We think we have the right person to step in and help coordinate this effort, and the names of the folks who will end up being on this team probably won’t surprise many – but we agreed that this should be formalized, or at least coordinated rather than just being a well-intentioned scramble.

    The members of the Communications and Training Team will be invited to come to August meeting, and all the future meetings of the Core Team. 

    We have decided that until an application economy is established on the network, the core team will not spend funds on marketing – but it will invest in the community by clearly communicating what we are doing and offering training to community members, node operators and developers.

    As the application economy develops, it will be in the interest of application providers to market and advertise their services – and we would see this as the role of marketing in the system which is being developed.


    The next code/wallet update is scheduled for release at the end of May, 2017.  The key features the update will include are throne voting and testnet capabilities. The voting will allow proposals and move governance of the project away from the core team and formally give everyone who is operating a throne a role in the governance structure. 

    The testnet will be useful as we get more disciplined about our quality assurance and testing processes.

    Since we want to create a habit of under-promising and over-delivering, we are hoping to have some other important items in the update – but that will depend on infernoman, chaositec and whoever they can get to help them.  If you have some time available and skills and want to help us deliver some surprises that we think the community will like – feel free to let us know. 

    4.      GOVERNANCE

    It is important to understand the level of trust that the team places in this community by handing over the governance of the platform to the community through the voting process.  The team members will be in a role to influence the path of the project but that is all.  Turning on the ability to vote the thrones will functionally make this a distributed autonomous organization if you like to call things by big names and are fan of that sort of thing (which means you like Ethereum). 

    We like to think of turning on throne voting as just implementing good governance – nothing magical just the way it should be done.  This is not the last step, but really just the first step of building an effective representative governance structure for the community.  If we look at real world analogs, places tend to have two independent representative structures – one for the people and one for the property holders.  Since the British Houses of Parliament and the US Congress weren’t structured arbitrarily and they seem to be resilient structures, one can think of the throne voting as being structuring a House of Lords or a Senate.  This is representing one tier of the community, the owners.  But we need something else to make sure we represent people who don’t hold the token, but find value in its use.  This isn’t as simple to do as one might hope.

    We believe that the governance body which might be analogous to a House of Commons or Representatives could emerge from smaller staking wallets.  This is one reason that staking has been added to the future feature list.

    5.      CORE TEAM & SKILL GAPS

    Well, we should have a formal roadmap – and we will get to that in the next few months.  The way the interest in the project has picked up since early march genuinely caught the team by surprise, and we are looking not just at how we add features to the product, but key skill sets to the team.  Community members have noted the early stage of the project and some of these gaps, and all we can say is that we hope to be able to announce a few important additions to the team soon.  Those discussions are ongoing. 

    It is worth pointing out that no one is paid to be on the core team.  There are no salaries, although people can do work for bounties just like anyone else could – so the core team developers are in a position to receive those bounties.  The rest of the team is just here to try to keep the project moving in what we believe will be a successful direction, and any economic gains are indirect insofar as they come through token ownership.


    Due to the increase in the price of the CRW token, the team discussed lowering the collateral required to run a throne on the network.  The team decided not to change the collateral amount because of a belief that decisions like this should be made by the community and not just the team.


    In the Crown Papers, we discussed the Journal as where people would go to run applications through the Crown Network.  The idea of calling it the Journal was just as a sort of place keeper while we looked at different way that we might implement what we wanted to do.
    At this point it looks like the way of getting to the crown applications will be as simple as just using your browser, and setting up a “pay from” address.  The real work here will be in thinking about how we do the user interface so that it creates a context for people when they are logged in to applications running through the Crown Network.


    VOTABLE SPORKING – The throne collateral and also the issue of having fees for proposals in the governance system, as well as staking thresholds for smaller wallets raises the systemic issue of being able to adjust the fees or collateral amounts for services on the network.  Since we expect the network to become more rather than less complex, we expect the number of these different thresholds to increase over time. 

    Operationally, sporking is a great tool for changing these levels without requiring everyone to update their wallets – but sporking raises serious governance issues.  So what we will be trying to do is to look into how one might, instead of enabling spork keys for the core team – building a way for certain proposals when passed to execute a spork, such that a proposal could directly change the fee levels for proposals or collateral amounts for thrones, etc.   

    CHRONOS NODES – Crown will require tight network time consensus in the future. Since part of what we are seeking to do is to be able to use time with greater granularity than existing crypto systems are able to, we will be introducing a new sort of node on the network which we are calling the Chronos node, or the timekeeper.  This will require integrating a Network Time Protocol (NTP) server and staking capabilities into the wallet. 

    A Chronos node will be required to have at least 100 CRW in collateral and the Chronos nodes will be paid through a Proof of Stake protocol.  Once implemented, we will learn from the granularity which we are able to achieve on the network and proceed from there.  We will also be looking at other uses in the governance structure for proof of stake and creating a sort of “house of commons” to make sure that we are listening to different stakeholders as the network and community grow.

    API TESTING – We expect to start testing the API in the testnet in June.  Keep an eye out for announcements on this, since developers and node operators with ideas which they might want to test out will be welcome to get involved with API testing, and this will also be a chance for folks to start building applications which would be ready to go when we would hope to release the API in the next update scheduled for late November or early December… about 7 months from now.

    14 facts about the cryptocurrency Crown

    In an interview with Jan Brody, project co-founder, I discovered how Crown is evolving into a commercially proved blockchain which creates value. In this interview, we talked about 14 facts which are moving Crown to the next stage.

    Crown is a cryptocurrency launched in 2014 as a fork of Bitcoin with a masternode security layer inspired by Dash. It has since grown into its own technology platform with innovations not to be found in any other cryptocurrency.

    The strategic vision behind Crown is pushed by several dev team members proud to have worked in businesses for more than 20 years and have a focus on real world challenges and solutions.

    1. Crown is being integrated with the business model of is Uber for travellers, who bring goods to shoppers worldwide using their spare luggage space and taking advantage of 1 billion flights a year. Crown will support OuiBring by creating their own token on which this exchange can be based. On the 20th June, a minority stake in OuiBring was acquired by a Prague based incubator Busyman using the Crown commodity.

    2. Crown Atomic

    Crown Atomic is a suite of new features which will allow developers to build trustless transaction systems and shared trustless application platforms on the Crown infrastructure. See more here:

    3. Crown will have three types of nodes. Service Nodes, Specialised node and Chronos Nodes

    Service Tron nodes; These are Traditional Tron nodes which will process transactions.

    Specialised Tron nodes; Will enable decentralised applications to be run on them.

    Chronos nodes; These nodes will serve as the time keepers of the network.

    4. Tron Services open via API

    The Crown team believe that innovation is a product of encouraging experimentation and easy access to the right tools. In much the same way that the Raspberry Pi project was intended to incentivize children to experiment and learn about computer science, the Crown application API will be freely available and designed with simplicity in mind to encourage people to make their ideas come to life on the Crown blockchain.

    5. The Crown blockchain can issue tokens

    Similar to ERC30 tokens, the Crown blockchain will be enabled to create and manage the transfer of these tokens from one Crown token to another.

    6. The development team is expanding

    The Crown team was recently strengthened by the following members:

    Syntaks – Lead developer of Neos coin

    Ilabra – Technology Consultant based in Stuttgart, doing consulting jobs for top 500 German corporations

    Community architects
    Josh Wilcox (fin) – community architect focusing on the Crown wiki
    Snoops – community ambassador responsible for the Crown Reddit

    Note: Capital at Risk, Not an endorsement, Affiliate Link, Not Investment Advice, Staff will invest in Dadi.

    Every three months the development team meets personally to drive forward the strategy of Crown. Previous meetings were held in London and Prague. The next one is in Toronto on August 17 to 19.

    7, Crown focuses on development rather than marketing

    Crown has had a consistent focus on building their blockchain as a commercial utility. The team has stayed away from the current atmosphere of smoke and mirrors that the ICOs have developed.

    8. Instant X and anonymous functionality is being suppressed.

    Anonymous transactions are not regulatory friendly, they enable fraud and crime. Crown believes that Governments should be enabled to participate in further business and blockchain development. Removing Darksend from Crown coin will aide in the objective of widespread legal compliance. Crown has also hired a high profile law firm which is planning to help the team to comply with all the US and EU regulations so Trons will continue to be a legally safe instrument to build a next generation business.

    9. Website is being redesigned

    Crown.Tech is currently being redesigned in a more mature way. We have had feedbacks from our community that the website looks like a game, it needs to grow up in terms of the UX, it will have less texts and will be more user-friendly.

    10. Crown will work without miners.

    The Crown team are united in the belief that proof of work consensus models are a waste of finite natural resources and that the future of blockchain and cryptocurrency cannot depend on the use of millions of dollars of electricity every day. This is the main reason that Crown currently uses merge mining to piggyback and make use of already expended resources on the Bitcoin network.

    Crown has developed a new consensus model that will eventually replace PoW. Crown Atomic paves the way for this new consensus model which will subject to academic rigour during the course of 2018.

    11. Crown has a new paper Wallet Generator

    12. Crown Pay is available on Android

    13. Crown is a masternode coin

    A masternode is a decentralised system of governance and also a way to generate passive income. You can read more on masternodes here: In Crown masternodes are called Trons. See also: Crown Income Predictor

    14. Crown Community

    The crown community is active and vibrant! Find them on Twitter, Facebook and Slack / Mattermost. The community is what drives the development and volume of a cryptocurrency project.

    For more information visit

        Main Website
    CoinMarket Cap Crown
    Crown Statement on US Securities & Exchange Commission Press Release Dated 25th July 2017
    Earlier interview on with Crown

    Official Announcements / Crown update - Playstore app (March 14th 2017)
    « on: December 17, 2017, 09:20:54 pm »
    Crown update 14.3.2017

    We would like to post a little update so the community knows what is currently going on.

    The dev team is has currently started to work on slimming the Crown code and make Trons become the most important aspect of the Crown project as was outlined in the papers. This work is led by urban_idler, chaositec and infernoman. In Dash (as it is now) the capacity of masternodes is really there to mix coins for darksend.  The Crown Platform looks at the compute capacity available on the trons as the "server layer" of a network.  So the idea would ultimately be to be able to do a lot of what one would do with a server, but to be able to do this with what is currently around 400 GB+ of RAM on trons and probably around roughly 8 TB of storage... the trons provide compute capacity to the network. 

    This compute capacity is currently "paid for" by block rewards -- but one can imagine using it to offer services which users would pay for and having CRW integrated as the payment method.  The Trons themselves could add capacity to the network if there were demand for it.  So the long term idea is for the Trons to be a sort of "elastic" server layer running open source apps or securing accounts/login and payment for proprietary apps running off network... as well as being the server's for CRW blockchain and providing transaction confirmation services to the blockchain. A series of detailed papers on our architecture will be released in the coming weeks.

    Crown Hub

    Progress is being made on a complex information site for Tron operators, where it will be possible to check Tron payments, follow and comment Tron voting proposals as well as see the actual profitability of Trons among other functions. This work is being done by luccd88 and his partners.

    Tron Monitoring App

    Our app dev calnaughtonjnr is finishing with the enhanced V2 version of the mobile Throne monitor for Android and iOS.

    The Community is Growing

    We have a new community / team member who will be spreading the word on Crown in South East Asia - specifically Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Burma.

    The Dev team together with bigmo is working to add Crown to the Trezor device.

    We are excited to see the community grow substantially after our Bittrex listing and are confident we are making important steps toward a larger scale adoption of Crown.

    In other recent news:

    Crown was added to the Blockfolio Android/iOS app.

    The Tron income spreadsheet has been updated to have live price updates and a sandbox area for price forecasting.  Current figures show an ROI of just under 60% per annum.

    The Crown Android wallet is now available on Google Play

    Official Announcements / Crown Update - Team News (May 5th 2017)
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    Crown Update - Team News

    New People, New Skills.

    Crown are delighted to announce that Syntaks has joined the Crown team to assist Chaositec, Infernoman and the rest of the dev team in preparations for the next release. Syntaks brings extensive development experience in the world of crypto and we are excited to be able to attract talent such as his.

    We are also very happy to annouce that Ivan Labra is providing Crown with analysis and feedback on our future plans and strategy.  Whilst Ivan is a newcomer to crypto, he has played a key role in many open source projects and has been involved in the open source scene for almost 20 years.  Our hope is that he will be joining us in a CTO role to help systematize and scale the platform and community.

    Please welcome Ivan and Syntaks to the team.

    Growing the Crown Community

    As the Crown project grows, the focus is not necesarily about distributing tokens but more about providing opportunities. The value of the Crown project is directly correlated to the ideas that entrepeneurs, developers and members of the community can realise on the Crown platform.

    As the project moves forward, we would like the community to consider the opportunites that they might enable for themselves by realising ideas on the Crown platform.  The success of this project will be measured by the depth of the distributed opportunity that it might facilitate.

    With the upcoming enablement of blockchain proposals, there exists a great opportunity to become involved and add value to the project.

    Full Time Team.

    With the recent growth in the Crown community, the Crown team now has four full time members. Please note that at this time, the development team are not paid salaries.

    Infernoman will continue his labour of love as our full time lead developer.

    Chaositec is in the process of leaving his day job to assume a full time R&D role for Crown. We look forward to Fabian joining us on a full time basis in about two weeks time.

    Stonehedge is now a full time Crown team member and will be looking to develop a product & project management function within the Crown team.

    Defunctec is working full time on the Crown project and is looking to continue to grow regional communities working with the Crown platform and continue in his role as project treasurer.

    We hope to have some more announcements regarding the core team in the very near future.

    Crown Statement on US Securities & Exchange Commission Press Release Dated 25th July 2017


    In the above press release, the US SEC has ruled that US securities laws may apply to offers, sales and trading of interests in virtual organisations.

    It is now clear that federal securities laws apply to those who offer and sell securities in the United States, regardless whether the issuing entity is a traditional company or a decentralized autonomous organization, regardless whether those securities are purchased using U.S. dollars or virtual currencies, and regardless whether they are distributed in certificated form or through distributed ledger technology. Such projects are encouraged to work with the US SEC to seek registration.

    In recent months several projects that are likely to fall foul of the new guidance have publically expressed an interest in the Crown community project.  The Crown team would like to make it clear that Crown in no way endorses any of these projects.

    Crown has expected a regulatory announcement would be coming, and has sought to conduct the project in a manner consistent with the intent of the law and regulators - both of which, we believe, seek to constructively engage with and guide innovation.  Crown is now reviewing its own structure and compliance in the context of yesterday's guidance from the SEC.  Governance and legal structure were already issues on the agenda for the upcoming meeting in Toronto, and this just re-enforces the importance of that discussion.

    Official Announcements / Details of Systemnode Release
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    Details of Systemnode Release

    Crown Core Team

    16th October 2017

    What is a Systemnode?

    A Systemnode is a server on the Crown network that is secured by collateral and provides services that support applications and services published via Crown Atomic. The operator of a Systemnode will be rewarded a portion of the block reward in return for providing those services.

    Why are Systemnodes necessary?

    Under the Crown Atomic architecture, Tron Masternodes are focused on transaction confirmations and application verifications.  In order to provide any services, there is a requirement for a swarm of application provider nodes.  These are Systemnodes.

    How many Systemnodes will there be?

    There is a desire (but not strict requirement) for there to be more Systemnodes than Tron Masternodes. We have designed the relationship between Systemnodes and Tron Masternodes to negotiate their own equilibrium of numbers but our expectation is that numbers will stabilise at between 4,000 and 5,000 Systemnodes and between 1,000 and 2,000 Tron Masternodes. The community and network will ultimately decide on the natural levels.

    Are there other benefits to Systemnodes?

    An ideal community should have more small token holders than large token holders.  The price of a Tron Masternode has exceeded $15,000 which is far too high a cost of entry to participate on the Crown network. The decision has been made to require smaller collateral for a Systemnode and to offer a greater relative reward for operating a Systemnode compared to a Tron Masternode in order to encourage more people to participate and join the Crown community.

    What kind of tasks will Systemnodes perform?

    The possibilities are endless.  The core team will release NTP timekeeping as the first Systemnode service in order to cater for the future planned consensus mechanism change.  The community will be free to develop their own utilities for Systemnodes to perform.

    How much will it cost to run a Systemnode and what is the reward?

    The Crown Core Team does not advise that a Systemnode or a Tron Masternode is an investment.  The value of Crown tokens might go down. Past value trends do not indicate future performance.  The number of Crown tokens that you receive for operating either kind of node will vary according to the number of nodes on the network at the time.

    A Systemnode will require 500 CRW collateral and will receive 10% of the block reward.  This change will be at the expense of the miners.  The block reward can be summarised as follows:

    Miner3.6 CRW
    Tron Masternode4.5 CRW
    System Node0.9 CRW
    Proposal Fund1 CRW
    Total:9 CRW (1 CRW per block reserved for proposal funding)

    What is required to run a Crown Systemnode from a technical perspective?

    People familiar with Tron Masternode setup will be familiar with Systemnode setup.

    A unique IP is required for a Systemnode.  Each community member will be able to run one Systemnode in their local wallets if they choose, but a VPS is recommended as the prefered platform as the Systemnode wallet must be online 24/7 to provide services and receive rewards.

    At this time, a single core 512Mb RAM VPS with 20GB of storage is the recommended minimum.  It may be possible to use less but this will not be supported by the core team. In the future, as usues grow, the hardware requirements will increase significantly.

    A breakdown of possible Systemnode rewards is shown in the spreadsheet that partners this document.

    How will the Crown Network change?

    We expect the chance to participate in the Crown network with less collateral than a Tron Masternode and generous rewards to be attractive to a lot of crypto enthusiasts and small businesses alike. The expectation is that a large number of Systemnodes will be set up.

    A Systemnode will earn disproportionally more rewards for their staked collateral compared to a Tron Masternode in order to encourage more Systemnodes to be set up.  For example, somebody who uses 10,000 CRW to run 20 Systemnodes will receive more rewards than somebody who uses 10,000 CRW to run a single Tron Masternode (at the current masternode count).

    If some Tron operators decide to split his or her Trons into Systemnodes, then the Tron count would drop, and the Tron reward would increase for the other Tron operators. Similarly, the Systemnode reward would drop as the Systemnode count increases.  The network will find a natural equilibrium of node numbers.

    It is difficult to guess where that equilibrium will be but the intention is for there to many more Systemnodes than Tron Masternodes.

    We have decided to name the node equilibrium point the “Zuck Equilibirum” in honour of the person who devised the mechanism for the Tron and Systemnode relationship.

    When will Systemnodes be released?

    Systemnodes are already in the Crown testnet undergoing public testing.  Systemnodes will be released during November 2017.

    Crown Systemnodes - Major Release 12.3.0

    The Crown team is delighted to announce the release of the Systemnodes update today.

    We have worked hard the past couple months on this release. It represents a big step forward for the Crown Project towards what we think is a fundamental step in the broader adoption of blockchain technology. The goal of the Crown project is to provide a decentralised platform that enables individuals and businesses to build a future as they envision it by making use of the vast capabilities blockchain has to offer.

    Systemnodes are the first piece in a series of updates that will allow this vision to become a reality. Systemnodes are a key element in the network features that will drive Crown Atomic (read more at

    In this release, Systemnodes will act as incentivised full-nodes. The next update will incorporate a Network Time Protocol, a step essential in solving the need for mining. The Crown project is working on a non-PoW, non-PoS, 3rd way to secure transactions. This is to be announced at a later time.


    Please note that to ensure the continuation of Masternode earnings, all Masternode owners are advised to please update their local- and VPS-wallets at the earliest convenience.

    All block explorers, miners and exchanges are asked to update also.

    Systemnodes and Masternodes may not behave in a stable manner until a significant portion of the network has updated.

    After November 20th, 2017, all wallets must be updated. Old wallets after that date will no longer be able to take part in the network.

    What's New

    • Name change: Thrones/Trons to Masternode
      The naming of nodes remained scattered in the code and documentation. It has been decided to move to a standardized name. Therefore from this update on, “Throne” or “Tron” will be renamed “Masternode” in all instances.

    • Added Systemnodes to GUI

    • Budget proposal failsafe (Mainnet=16tg5tuZrPKoBwfbmj2tmiEPhVPzyn3gtP)
      A bug caused two rounds of proposal funds to not be paid. The bug has been fixed, and to prevent the loss of funds in the future, a failsafe has been implemented.

    • Removed all UI use of Darksend
      Anonymous transactions discourage governments to work with us. Crown’s implementation is and will continue to be compliant with local authorities. For this reason anonymous transactions have no value for the network. 

    • Fully functional testnet
      A fully functional test environment has been set up.

    • Added new seednodes for both main and testnet
      Seednodes (nodes that broker a connection from your client to the p2p network on client start-up) received an update for both the Crown network and have been added to the test environment.

    Links to Wallets

    The new wallets can be downloaded here:

    How to update local wallets:

    Simply download the new version and replace your old one.  You can check you are on the correct version by typing getinfo into the console and you should see version 12.3.0.

    How to update Masternodes (Previously known as Thrones)

    Update guides and scripts will be released later today and posted in all official channels.

    For the more technically confident, Masternode update is as simple as replacing the executables and changing all references to Throne to read Masternode instead, including changing throne.conf to masternode.conf and references to throneprivkey to masternodeprivkey.

    How to set up a Systemnode

    Systemnode setup is similar as setting up a masternode except you only need 500 CRW collateral and commands will be prefixed Systemnode rather than Masternode.
    Systemnode setup scripts and guides will be published later today in all official channels.

    Bug Reporting

    If you find any bugs, please report them to the core team in the “Public Testing BUGS” channel that you can find at

    Official Announcements / Crown update May 24th 2017
    « on: December 17, 2017, 09:07:04 pm »

    The DEV team is working hard on releasing our next code update, due very shortly now. One of the key features will be the voting system implementation, where the community will be able to vote for proposals to be implemented democratically. Also developers will be able to be paid for implementing their ideas.

    Please make sure you read our last team release since it contains a lot of important information about current team changes. We have been joined by a ace developer and several of our devs have quit their jobs to dedicate their full time effort toward Crown, which is a huge achievement. More info here:

    Our current website has done a great job and helped the Crown project to get to 10 mil USD market cap. We are discussing our look with several high profile partners and community members and we are of the opinion that we need to go further. We will be hiring professional designers and UX developers to help us simplify the web, making it more clear since we currently have too much text and information, people get confused. We expect this work to take between 8 to 12 weeks and we will be discussing the changes with the community. Our next web has to be the best web in crypto and it aims to communicate the Crown project in a more professional manner.

    We are working hard to bring a London based startup to work closer with us and implement its business model on the Crown blockchain. We can not disclose more information currently as lawyers are drafting the contract. We have two goals from this deal: 1. link the buyer / seller relationship transaction to the Crown blockchain 2. Help to list the company's digital token on the Crown blockchain. We believe that this combination will pave the way towards more uses of the Crown blockchain and drive more "startup" attention towards us.

    5. OPEN PROJECT / another open source app
    The Crown dev team has moved all Crown related documentation and planning to Open Project. This has increased the efficiency of the team. One of the cool stuff, we are building on open project is a "Crown wiki" where the community is free to contribute building the infrastructure and information base around the Crown project. Thank you @stonehedge ! After Mattermost we have implemented another open project which is not owning our data and selling them.

    The team is working hard on a complete Crown REDDIT page redesign and remake. We will be launching the new Reddit page in the coming weeks, hope the community will contribute there as well!

    After two weeks in review status of our great mobile application, we were notified by Apple that we will not be currently allowed to iTunes due to:  3. 1.5 Business: Payments - Physical Goods or Services Outside of the App / Your app facilitates the transmission of a virtual currency that is not approved for the App Store.
    We were surprised by this decision since there are approx 10 coins which have been allowed to iTunes. We believe this is not a fair approach. We are working to answer to Apple in a polite way and trying our best to open a discussion with them in order to be allowed to iTunes.

    After our successful Prague meeting, the dev team will be meeting in Toronto from 17th to the 20th of August, 2017. We will hold a community session on the 19th of August. More info to come!

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