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Russia / Report.
« on: May 05, 2018, 10:05:22 am »
Hi, all, here is the mini-report for the last month.
In May we have visited 4 events. Our main aim there was to introduce Crown to the audience and make them not only known about the platform, but also make them spoken about it.
The first conference was held in Moscow, next three in Kiev.
1. It was a huge, two-day Conference in Moscow where the Crown was a partner. Also, we were glad to get acquainted with Robert Veiko, CEO DASH, and talk about the Crown.
In Russia we had an important meeting with CEO of WEX - Dmitriy Vasiliev. We have discussed possibility of listing the Crown on the WEX exchange. Unfortunately, WEXs' owners put too high price, negotiations are still ongoing.
2. This Conference was held in Kiev, Ukraine. Successfully talked with majorylity about the Crown platform and it's mission, also explained what is mastenodes and sistemnode.
3. We had an opportunity to visit the most large-scale event in Eastern Europe - the IForum, the number of visitors was more than 12,000 people. There were introduced many different start-ups, as well as blockchain projects, which were interested in the Crown platform as a future platform for their projects.
4. Concerning this event, we can not say that it was very useful or productive - there were a bad organization and the audience of beginners who are not entirely familiar with the cryptocurrency.
Also, glad to say that the Russian translation of the Crown’s website is in process.  8)

Russia / Our weekly report
« on: February 20, 2018, 04:19:31 pm »
Last week was quite complicated. But we cope with difficulties and prepared a report on the work we have done.

Firstly, we have prepared samples for printing conference materials, which are provided in the attachments ( As you can see, everywhere in the design examples one style is traced, which will ensure the best acceptance of the Crown at events.

Secondly, we analyzed all conferences that will be held in Kiev and Moscow and we found contacts of the organizers of the largest conference in Russia and Ukraine.

BlockchainDayRu ( )
BlockchainDaiUa (

After long discussions with organizers of this conference, we came to an agreement about cooperation and a huge discount. (
The general price for two countries (Ukraine and Russia) as you see is more than $5000. Moreover, it includes the economy option. But we succeeded to agree on a discount only with mutual services.
From our side is advertising in our personal channel in Telegram and video shooting in (YouTube) and also in Instagram. By them is discount 50%+. So two countries cost us only $2000 ($1000 Moscow and $1000 Kyiv). We have discussed such agreement with @benderweb to save the crown budget, and he gladly agreed. We would like to hear the feedback from you @chanel

Thirdly, after long decisions and about the promotion of social networks and also we take into account @snoops . We decided to use hidden marketing for more involvement of the Russian-language community and rename our personal blog @Moredash) in  Telegram/Instagram/Facebook to @Moredash_morecrown.
Thus, the efficiency will be higher, because we won’t say direct about Crown all the time. We will just not accidentally mention about Crown periodically.

Fourthly, we had released a video today because one of us could not take part in the video shooting because of health reasons. Therefore, we apologize. And we promise to relies it but later.

Fifth, this week we paid $500 to YouTube Channel (, there will be a video overview in which the crown will be discussed.

Sixth, we agreed to hold «IT-FORUM» in the university. Crown will be mentioned in social medias as a main sponsor. For more presence, we also prepered some printed matterials with the logo of Crown.

Russia / Our plan for one month.
« on: February 04, 2018, 12:56:23 pm »
 Hello everybody! :)
 In this document, we provide our plan for February to March:

Sincerely, the ambassadors of Russia.

Proposals / Budget / [Active] Russian community ambassadors
« on: December 24, 2017, 08:44:43 pm »
HELLO, we'd like to share with you as video for budjet proposal)

Here is proposal:

Basic information: Proposal Hash:
How To Vote yes:
ee73621e8151de46d3a0f7859a64aa4c4cceb5d727a0e2b326dcae8d779e08b0 yes
How To Vote no:
ee73621e8151de46d3a0f7859a64aa4c4cceb5d727a0e2b326dcae8d779e08b0 no

Project Purpose:The project will cover the expenses to maintain and grow the Crown community of Russian-speaking society
Crown  will obtain ambassadors Russian-speaking community
It will allows people to follow us in Social Media and see every our steps on the way of promoting the Crown
YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram
conferences, hackathons, meet-ups
What will we do?:we will shoot videos
we will conduct Social Networks
we will post
we will broadcast
we will communicate
we will inform
How?Through the social media channels we will show every
our step on a way to popularize all our ideas
to promote Crown.
AmbitionTo create a Russian-language community, communication
with which will be through social networks
To show in Social networks  realization of all projects that is
aimed to raise the recognizability of the Crown
To educate Russian-speaking society in terms of perspectivity
of cryptocurrencies
Introducing Crown in our country  where CRW still is known
not enough, but the blockchain and crypto activity is increasingly growing
We will establish partnership with the most popular Blockchain/Crypto events (conferences, meet-ups, hackathons)
Last  week of Dec:  Preparation

1st week of Jan: Launching social media activities;
2nd week of Jan: Purchasing of equipment;
3rd week of Jan: Launch Facebook Campaign
4th week of Jan: Start analysis of results

1st week of Feb: Launch Telegram Campaign
2nd week of Feb: Start analysis of results
3rd week of Feb: Launch Instagram Campaign
4th week of Feb: Start analysis of results

1st week of May: Launch YouTube Campaign
2nd week of May: Start analysis of results
Team /

Competitors /

We will be available at all times of the day that  we
are awake including reddit 
@DariRab or  [email protected]

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