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New development update with key figures for Crown Platform is out

It includes:

- Migration of Crown addresses
- Crown Platform Development
- Crown Proof-of-Stake protocol
- Bitcoin Upgrade
- Bugfix

Read the whole article here:

Read and share. We are closer than ever to delivering our goals!

Thank you for supporting the Crown project!!

v0.12.5 to be released on July 13th
The Crown team are about to release a new client (v0.12.5) on the 13th of July. is where the official version will be published. The version tagged with ""Latest release"" will be the correct one.

The network will have 14 days to update before enforcement is turned back on and old clients stop communicating correctly.

Thank you for supporting the Crown project.

We are voting to get listed on SouthXchange!

We need at least 500 votes to be eligible, but we will also need to outvote the other projects.

1 VOTE = 0.001 BTC. You can send any amount to the specified address - every 0.001 BTC will count as a separate vote. To find the address, click on the link and look for Crown!

If we get succesfully voted in,

everyone who contributes at least 0.003 BTC will be entered into a raffle! Three lucky winners will receive 333 CRW EACH!

The winners will be picked randomly from the blockchain explorer. Winners will need to send us a small test tx to verify their ownership of the address.

Let's start the voting!

Crown to be forked in August as entrepreneurs announce Revaloot

  • Crown will supposedly be forked on August 13th by Revaloot
  • Crown Core and Development Teams are not involved
  • Crown Platform development continues
  • Crown holders will supposedly be rewarded 1:1 with Revaloot tokens

Crown to be forked on August 13th by Revaloot

A group of individuals that form part of the Crown Community and project announced on June 12th that they “are working on a new project that is going to derive from a fork of Crown”. In the words of a Revaloot co-founder:

    “This announcement does not mean we are going to stop continuing to support Crown. We view the two projects very separate from one another and there is no reason we cannot both be successful.” (Revaloot ANN pusblished in Mattermost on 12th June)

This statement leads to the following conclusion: The fork will adopt a new brand and has no intention to compete with Crown Platform.
Crown Core and Development Teams are not involved

The current distributed and autonomous Crown Core and Development Teams, elected through the decentralized governance system, are not involved in this project and thus only have access to the publicly available information that has been published by Revaloot. It is an important moment for the Crown Community, as a group of entrepreneurs decides to copy a codebase with over 10900 commits that up to 287 contributors have been working on since Crowncoin inception in 2014:

    “We chose to fork [Crown] for two main reasons. The first being that we want to pay homage to Crown — a coin from which we are taking some ideas and making them our own. The second reason is distribution.”(Revaloot ANN published in Medium on 12th June 2018)

Crown Platform development continues

Crown Platform Development is not affected by this fork and continues without alteration. The next major milestones are further releases towards Crown Platform as well as final research and consequent implementation of the new consensus mechanism.
Crown holders to be rewarded 1:1 with Revaloot tokens on August 13th

In their pre-fork timeline, Revaloot has announced a Crown hard fork for August 13th:

    “The Revaloot snapshot of Bitcoin and Crown will occur on August 13th. The block on which the Crown snapshot will occur will be announced as we get closer to August 13th.”

The blockheight of the Crown snapshot has not yet been announced by the Revaloot team. I want to personally call all Crown holders to DYOR and to act with responsibility, as 1:1 forks in Crypto are known for wild price swings and increased volume.

Openness, DAOs and decentralized budgets

On a personal level and to wrap up this article, I would like to address an argument that has been raised by Revaloot in their announcement. Revaloot founders claims that “open source code is very much pre-monetization YouTube era. Those who open source their code do so because they are told they need it for their resume, want to help propel themselves to a freelance career, or simply do it for the love of Code.”

This argument is missing one of the major reasons to open source code, which has accompanied computer based coding and hacking for over 70 years: A vision in which knowledge belongs to the societies and individuals, in which innovation is the key to prosperous life and co-existence. I am convinced that a big part of the Crown Community shares these beliefs. The Bitcoin-Protocol was not published as an open source document because Satoshi Nakamoto was/were told they needed it for their resume. They also did not want to propel themselves to a freelance career. And although im sure he/she/them loved and still love Code, the main reason to open source this software is the one stated in the Cypherpunk Manifesto published by Eric Hughes in 1993:

    “Cypherpunks write code. We know that someone has to write software to defend privacy, and since we can’t get privacy unless we all do, we’re going to write it. We publish our code so that our fellow Cypherpunks may practice and play with it. Our code is free for all to use, worldwide.”

The goal of writing and publishing open source code is therefore, specially when related to cryptographic transaction systems, to spread privacy and to give tools to everyone to protect against intrusions to what they conceive as human rights: privacy and freedom of exchange.

    “For privacy to be widespread it must be part of a social contract. People must come and together deploy these systems for the common good. Privacy only extends so far as the cooperation of one’s fellows in Society.”

Working in distributed open projects is never easy. No one has full control. Anyone can join in, chip in their singularity, their ideas, their visions. To protect openness, we all lose control to some extent, permutate with other ideologies and philosophies. Still, we have not lost our common ground:

At Crown we want to keep open sourcing the software we write. And we will keep open sourcing the resources we have. Be they human — many of us work as volunteers, technical—we open source the code and make repositories public, or financial — the superblock. Despite the risks that openness entails and fully aware of these. We do this not out of egoistic needs like career profiles or nerdy love for the code itself. We write the code for everyone to freely use it. That is why we function as a DAO. So that others may come and join efforts and/or take the code and propagate it further.

Dear Crown Community,

The Crown Core Team is delighted to announce that after pertinent research and availability of adequate resources, the Crown Platform is ready to go one step further towards implementing a unique consensus mechanism that has been referred to as The Third Way.

The Crown project has always had an innovative vision, which is one of the main reasons it decided to implement merge mining with Bitcoin through the SHA256D algorithm. Arguments for merge-mining were mainly ecological benefits and network security. While miners do not need any additional infrastructure to mine Crown, this has secured the network with up to 10-12% of the total hash rate of Bitcoin, the first and largest peer to peer blockchain network in the world.

Times have changed and so has the situation we are in. Mining has become the principal centralization vector of cryptocurrencies, with an industry that only allows big corporations to have a significant hashing power and mine blocks.

As a merge-mined Coin, Crown has also been affected by this. Crown is currently mined by a few very powerful mining pools, which has led to a massive centralization of 36% of every block reward into a few hands. Network stability is similarly affected when one of these big miners drops out or has network connectivity issues.

The Crown project no longer wants to be dependent on a few large mining corporations and thus has been working hard to make a new solution viable. We are now looking to present and publish this solution for discussion and voting to the Crown community:

Implementation of The Third Way - a unique masternode/servicenode based Proof of Stake consensus system - into the Crown Project.

- Moving to a Masternode / Systemnode based PoS system is a step towards the unique consensus mechanism that Crown is developing.

- The suggested consensus mechanism eliminates Proof of Work and makes transactions instantly verified by a distributed network of Masternodes and Systemnodes.

- Masternodes and Systemnodes are able to vote and participate in the network.

- Masternodes and Systemnodes carry out all of the relevant tasks for validation of transactions and propagation/security of the network.

- The implementation will be carried out hand in hand by an external and trusted team of developers with a proven track record of migrating projects to PoS, together with internal Crown developers.

- The Crown Developers will survey the changes and analyse every line of code, making sure the integrity of the blockchain is kept while acknowledging the process for further development.

A consensus change is something comparable to the modification of the constitution of a country. Crown is a community driven blockchain project and thus is committed to asking the members of this community if you are ready and agree to move in this direction. For this reason, the Crown Core Team has submitted a proposal that the community can now vote on.

YES: mnbudget vote-many a26efe84713df144888f284a9f40a474925af8c86634d79be37fb1e4b2b0ec7d yes

NO: mnbudget vote-many a26efe84713df144888f284a9f40a474925af8c86634d79be37fb1e4b2b0ec7d no

Should you currently have no voting rights but have concerns to raise, please do not hesitate to share them here or through any other Crown social media channels. The Crown Team will try to answer all questions as accurately and quickly as possible.

Once the voting period has passed and if the proposal is approved, the implementation time will be 4-5 months.

Thanks for your continued support of the crown project!

Edits to the document:

The Crown team will release a new version of the client Monday 12th March.
The network will have 20 days to update before enforcement is turned back online and old clients stop communicating correctly.

We will recontact you on release day with links to new clients
and help channels for any compiling issues (Please disable Bitcoin tests on compile).

Thank you for your continued support of the Crown project :)

Crown Development Team

I have submitted a proposal to fund a one year sponsorship at the BlockchainHotel in Essen, Germany.

All the details about the proposal can be read here:

Please take into account that the funds raised by this proposal are fully used to fund the sponsorship, which costs 2 BTC. This sponsorship is a great possibility for Crown to become visible in Germany for one year, where we are underrepresented to the date.

Thank you for your support and do not hesitate to ask me any questions here or in mattermost.


Proposals / Budget / [Funded] Crown University
« on: January 18, 2018, 11:08:08 am »
Hi everyone. As you probably know, I submitted a proposal in November: CROWN UNIVERSITY.
The aim of this proposal was to fund two Core Team members to give a guest lecture at the course I teach at a german University: Blockchain Technology

The proposal passed and we found to great candidates willing to attend: @ilabra and @twister

The Event took place last monday. After a great presentation, we went on to discuss many interesting intersections of Crown, Blockchains, Crypto, Culture, Philosophy... I think i can affirm that @ilabra and @twister had a great day with the students. I can also state that the students learnt a lot and got a much better insight into the complex ecosystems that blockchain projects are than just by reading books and academic papers: They got it from experts themselves.

I want to thank @ilabra and @twister for their great Intervention, the time they spent preparing it and the dedication and energy they brought to tirelessly answer students questions until the late evening. I also want to thank everyone who supported this project and the University News Editorial for covering the Event. Here is the article that has just been published:

If anyone has further questions, you can contact me through the forum messages or through mattermost.

« on: December 29, 2017, 08:19:24 pm »

The crown community devops team has restabilized the crown network.  Trading on Bittrex is now open.  We will be issuing additional information on maintenance and issues encountered to these events.

To verify your Crown environment is correctly running please issue the the following command in the console:

getblockhash 1683398


Correct result: ea0daecb7a057b251cadbe97abf991b05ca1ff549298b790a63f724ba2e84ada

If your hash returns a different result than above, please proceed as follows:

Under "Tools: Wallet repair" select "Rebuild Index"

The blockchain will be downloaded from scratch - this will take a while. Once updated, please confirm again using "getblockhash 1683398".

If you have any questions or need support please contact us at mattermost (, telegram ( or [email protected]

Wallet / Exchange / Crown Wallet Setup Guide
« on: December 13, 2017, 11:20:14 am »
For general questions on wallets please refer to the Wallet FAQ

The steps for setting up a wallet are

1. Download wallet
2. Unzip content and start QT
3. Sync wallet
4. Encrypt wallet
5. Test encryption
6. Back up wallet

Video tutorial (for Windows):

Video tutorial (for macOS):

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