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« on: January 21, 2018, 06:44:56 pm »
Yesterday we held in Santander the first Blockchain Conference in the North of Spain,
It has been until now basically Madrid and Valencia were all the  blockchain / crypto events took place, so this is an important breakthrough.
The format of the event, with Crown as main sponsor,  was not the typical were exhibitors have a stand and people walk around visiting the booths they have interest.
It was performed and a way that each project had either 15 minutes or 30 minutes to give a speech and present their projects.
We spoke about Crown for 30 minutes. First I did an introduction in spanish of what is Crown, where it comes from, and its main current features. Then @calnaughtonjnr  took the microphone and talked about what our devs our working and our upcoming releases.
Right after our speech, G-ME took the scene and made a fantastic presentation. Many questions about the product and its integration with the Crown Platform were answered during and after their conference.
The other speakers were:
El Dorado Exchange
Grupo Versia
Helvetia Fintech
And the meetup organizers from other regions from the north of Spain also presented In what they are working
During the coffee break, lunch, and after the last presentation there was time to talk to the visitors and do some networking
There were aproximately 125 visitors, all of them quality visitors, a few bankers, investors, business owners and some public workers.
Some contacts were made, with special emphasis in these three; an important tech investor from the región, a start up interested in social and sustainable projects in food and clothing looking for a way to use the blockchain capabilities, and the cyber security school of Santander, that has the some of the top scholars of the country, with some awards behind them, and is interested in exploring the blockchain using Crown as example.
Innorthvation is an ongoing project that will continue organizing events and Crown will be part of the team that wil work to make blockchain more accesible to as many users as possible.

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