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« on: September 21, 2018, 09:08:55 am »
Crownfunding update

In January 2018 the below quoted Crownfunding campaign was setup with the goal of making Crown more accessible and decentralized for community members to acquire, by being added on an additional top quality exchange.
Your support was asked, and very generously given. Within 24hours the target of 100k$ was reached, and blown away shortly after - demonstrating the strength and resilience of the Crown network.

Blockchain technology has been evolving at a rapid pace, paired with lots of failure, trials & error and all the wild west scenarios that thrive in such an unregulated space. This meant that the journey of pursuing what we set out to do with this campaign was a more difficult one than anticipated at that time. We had to deal with multiple no shows and worse...

However due to the strong fundamentals of the crown platform and the perseverance of our community (especially @olya_crypto), we now have secured the objective: Crown is traded on Upbit, a top 10 quality exchange. Upbit will help provide access to the Crown token, and on top of that is a hub to the Asian community. Besides Upbit, Crown is also strategically represented on the decentralized exchange cryptobridge.

What comes next
We are in the middle of the switch to Proof of Stake right now. The testnet is soon expected to be live, with the switch to mainnet complete around the end of 2018, beginning of 2019.
In parallel to this, a minimal viable API is being developed, enabling blockchain as a service usecases to be deployed on the Crown network. So stay tuned for that.

- Crown core team

Update on the Crown Branding campaign

Why Facebook marketing: Video 2000
The goal of this campaign is to spread the word about Crown. Crown has a great product, with many applications and very promising tech. Just like "Video 2000". Video 2000? Yeah, the technical superior solution to the good old VHS videos.
For Crown it is important not to become Video 2000 - and thus let as many people as possible know we exist! A great product without users has no value, thus find the users!.

Crown Identity
The second piece of the puzzle in attracting more people to Crown is to have a clear message of just why Crown exists, what it is, and how it works. My team (a marketing & communication specialist and a ) and I have been working on formulating this difficult to fully catch identity story of Crown. This is what we came up with:
Crown believes in a world where everyone is included to the same social, legal and financial structures. Everyone should be able to have free  access to his own information and financial assets within a system that provides security, safety and decentralization. A world where people can create, build and work together. Where no one is left behind and everyone has an equal chance to participate.


Crown is creating this reality for everyone.  By building a platform powered by blockchain technology which is accessible for everyone. It provides high speed transactions  in a safe and secure environment. Crown utilizes the security of thousands of Masternodes and Systemnodes. These nodes are the foundation on which the infrastructure of Crown thrives. Crown developed a blockchain technology which is efficient, transparent and secure. Its fundament allows Crown to operate within existing legal and regulatory constructs.
Crown is building an application platform that anyone can use. Individuals are in control over their own data and funds. For businesses  Crown provides a tool to maximize efficiency and security.
We all work together to build a community driven decentralized structure. Crown tokens offer the possibility for secure payments and by owning Crown tokens you can have an active vote in the development of the platform. This means that Crown is governed by its growing community of partners and friends who work together as a global team…for a tomorrow we all deserve to live in.
(Please feel free to add suggestions / comments!)

A good Crown animation video
However, most people will not take the time to read this - hence an animated video that tells this, with a compelling story that showcases the use of Crown would be ideal to spread this message. We have contacted a bureau ( that does commercials for Heineken, Deloitte, PostNL and other big companies. They charge between 8k (if you have the script and story ready) and 12k (if you don't have a script and story) euros for a video of professional quality. About 1500CRW is available from the previous content creation proposal to fund this, in total around 4000 CRW to 4500 CRW is needed. Which means 2500CRW to 3000CRW is still required for the funding of this video.
If you think this is a good idea, and want to donate some Crown for this professional animation, please contact me or send it here: 1BHvjJJVp7JMRioiMNYUckFe3ErvXRGCs9! Depending on how things go, we might write a proposal for it (although the current superblock is quite packed already).

Example videos - style wise would be:
[youtube]  [/youtube]

So reaching people where they hang out is important. The internet is a good place, easy to reach - you just have to throw money at it, and it will find the people that could be interested for you. The Crown Marketing proposal by snoops creates a lot of content, however, not a lot of people see it. On average for the non-paid posts the view count is around 500 views (see figures below).
Which is why with the branding campaign, we create and select posts and pay Facebook to show them to people (see the difference here between posts, the posts with more than 1k views are all paid):

Currently this ad which we created is running, informing people about the upcoming release:

Before that, the systemnode giveaway post we created to amplify the result of the 500CRW giveaway:

We have also created a facebook event for the Miami community meeting, to inform our USA community members that it will take place:

Another small ad created to thank our community for their efforts of Crown getting it's crownfunding funded in just 24hours!

Looking forward: if we get funded another round, we will continue to boost Crowns presence on Facebook - and continue working on the animation video. So please cast your vote and continue support! ;)

Events / Meetups / Re: Banners for exhibitions
« on: February 07, 2018, 10:56:48 am »
Here are two files:

Long banners,

Feel free to use them!MmZCAIiJ!XLrUqi_ta_W-t0xDA2Qa7Q

A quick update:

What is Crown?
We're working on a corporate identity story - telling Why, How & What Crown does. This will eventually result in a short animated video of 1 to 1.5 minutes of length, explaining Crown. This video is important, to quickly introduce Crown to interested parties. It is also very difficult, because it means capturing the fuzzy "feeling" and broad technical details of Crown in a language that everyone understands and which sounds exciting at the same time.
So we are shaping a text, then collect feedback on it, refine it further and when it is satisfactory, hire a animator company to do the video (possibly

For the Ads:
Facebook has banned ads promoting high-risk financial products. Crown is a platform & a community, so posts related to this are not affected. However, we are not able to for example promote the fact that we are listed on Braziliex or other exchanges.

Furthermore the bear-market with the nice red candles makes people less receptive to ads. Therefore we adjusted spending's where possible on campaigns, and as this also affects the price of Crown it does affect the output of this proposal. We try to manage as best as possible :)

In the last week we ran these campaigns:

Promoting the Crown Systemnode giveaway

Promoting the Miami Event on March 3rd with people who liked the page and their friends.
Promoting the weekly podcast featuring Joe Connors aka Snoops

We would like to invite you to give feedback on the updates: they take some time to compose, so we're thinking of doing them bi-weekly. Unless otherwise desired.

Proposals / Budget / Re: [Feedback required] Nigerian Ambassador
« on: January 29, 2018, 06:39:36 pm »
Looks like a solid plan!

A suggestion: Make it more visually easy on the eye ;) Some images, a nice presentation - that goes a long way. The quality of the content is good, and the price is good too I'd say. Keep it up, and stick around on mattermost!

As promised, an update on the facebook advertising:

Key things to look at at this graph are the Cost Per Result (CPR): how much do you need to spend for on average one click on the link of the ad? This is show in the above table. We created four different ad sets: German (DE/CH/A), Czech, Dutch (BE/NL) and Nordic (SE/FL/NO). Each of them has their own daily budget (which facebook happily spends) and reporting. We started with the German and Nordic sets first, and added Czech and Dutch later.
A higher CPR means that advertisers are willing to spend more for the attention of the user, because the users generate more revenue afterwards. So not a bad thing. In total 104.577 people have been reached (the ad showed on their wall), on average 2.31 times. And 1.837 (1.7%) of those people clicked on the link, visiting Each click costing on average 80 euro cents. 

For the initial setup, we have run an ad with the “Check out the team at…” post. This was to gather data about our demographics (age, gender, location, likes etc) of people who would be reached. We put no restrains on the criteria for showing the ads, this way facebook optimizes for users who click - and reports back to us which demographics these users have.

The next step will be to tailor custom ads, create two versions and see which works best. We can use the profiles gathered by the campaign so far, to optimize reach.

The overall campaign target is to reach people, telling them about Crown - for them to decide if they like it. Below some more demographic data about people who have interacted with the ads. Notice how post reactions went up 100% compared to 28 days earlier.

Please see for stats this document:

Proposals / Budget / Re: [Funded] Crown University
« on: January 20, 2018, 03:41:39 pm »
At the Ruhr University Bochum (RUB) Monday the 15th of January 2018 Ivan Labra and I gave a presentation to a group of media technology students.
We started the event by outlining what Crown is, telling them about the core features of Crown (identity, (asset) registration, applications, decentralized self-governance and cloud storage). The presentation can be viewed here: and is based off of Artem's Amsterdam meeting presentation (which can be found here:

After the walkthrough of what Crown is, Ivan took over - discussing the implications that blockchain (and in particular Crown) have on the logistics of value (where a difference is made between money or fiat and capital: the one used for everyday transactions, the other access to 'options').
An interesting aspect that was brought up, was the possible transformation that capital is making. From classical, physical representations such as certificates, gold, and silver - to purely information; 1s and 0s. And what this means if this information is to carry the same fundamental functions that "classical" capital possesses. What kind of environment would it exist in?
It would need to be secure.. and have a high degree of autonomy or be immutable. Some kind of secure, decentralized ledger would be ideal.. blockchain anyone?
And then taking a moment to note that at this point in time, with a marketcap of around 700 billion US dollar, only a quarter of a percent of the worlds wealth is put in Cryptocurrency… Of course it is hard to say how things will turn out, and if the solution that will be used in the future already exists today. None the less interesting topics for conversation, in which the students asked critical questions.

Social changes on a global scale like blockchain is or is on the verge of becoming, of course bring their own disruptions with them. So the topic of what role Crypto and blockchain will play in relation to the existing power structures was also discussed. The conclusion was that it would be difficult to maintain the lives as we know them, without some form of corporation between the old and the new: Governments and Cryptos - a vision that Crown shares. With Crown offering the capabilities to fit inside current regulatory systems and operate transparently within the law.

These and many more topics were discussed for over three hours, after which the group moved to a more informal setting for dinner.
Looking back, it was a good meeting with lots of curious minds and good conversations. They say that the best way to predict the future is to build it, and at this event it became clear again that Crown is working really hard at exactly doing that: building the future.

An article about the event can be found here:

Proposals / Budget / [Funded] Crown Triton Rowing Club Sponsoring
« on: January 19, 2018, 03:33:04 pm »
The proposal can be found here:
Requested funding is 500CRW, and the proposal entails a sponsorship for a Crypto meetup at Triton.
However it also offers Crown the possibility to build a long term partnership with Triton, being able to look at the possibilities to implement real world use cases of the Crown API once ready. For both membership administration, but also keeping a race time record on the Crown Blockchain.

U.S.R. "Triton" is a rowing student society in Utrecht, the Netherlands. The society was founded in 1880. Currently it counts 900 active ambitious students members. U.S.R. “Triton” is a 138 year old society, but keeping up with its time.
Since 1880 Triton established itself over the centuries into the thriving society it is today.
Rowers at Triton are very driven and always looking for possibilities to develop themselves. A good example of this mentality are the Olympic rowers who started their rowing career at Triton and who are still active within the society.
Last year Triton has stated her long-term vision, which is as follows: “Triton is an ambitious student rowing society where rowing is paramount and performances are encouraged. It is a society in which students are encouraged to be active and to develop themselves.”

Proposals / Budget / Re: [Funded] Crown University
« on: January 18, 2018, 03:56:51 pm »
Thank you for setting it all up, and providing the opportunity to do this :)

Ideas / Re: CRW as money?
« on: January 14, 2018, 07:24:49 pm »

I have a great idea. But before doing anything, I want to know the attitude of the community to some points of this idea.
I'll ask a couple of questions, and you answer them. If you have any questions then write them after your answers. And if there are additions or suggestions, then write them after the answers.

1.How interesting is it to use CRW as money? For example, to pay bills in restaurants.
2.How will this affect the operation of the network?
3.Did you buy something in online stores for crypto currency?
4.How quickly do transactions occur when you pay online? (as far as I know someone already accepts payments in CRW)
5.How is it better to exchange a currency for a currency on CRW? Through which exchanger or which exchange?
6.What kind of advertising for you is the most effective for promotion of the Internet service?
7.What benefits have Crown, if we will increase the turnover of CRW in the commodity market?

Regards Elai.  ;)
1: Not very interesting. The value is way to unstable to be usable. And since a restaurant will depend on his suppliers who charge normal fiat, that is a big issue. So unless an entire mini ecosystem would use it.. but they still depend on outer world interaction - where this problem persists.
2. The network could probably handle it.
4. Under a minute mostly.
6. Facebook
7. Hard to say (for me)

General Discussion / Re: How do you like our new forum?
« on: January 13, 2018, 07:19:26 pm »
Is it possible to add spoiler tags?

Would make very long posts with some detailed information more readable if the details can be folded in.

Maybe this one:


Hmmm, it
does not seem to work

With a title

Maybe the package is outdated, and something like this would work?

Ideas / Re: What you can do to increase awareness of Crown
« on: January 13, 2018, 07:10:56 pm »
would be great to create something like bounty portal (even without bounties) where all the links would be accomodated. Just one page to like, share, etc.  - "package approach"

Yeah, like with the systemnode giveaway (but then maybe not a systemnode as reward, just a 1-click solution to tweeting that stuff out ;) )

Proposals / Budget / Re: CRW Extended Marketing & US Advocacy
« on: January 11, 2018, 01:18:29 am »
Yeah, I second that.

Maybe also write a short summary here - so people don't have to open the doc. And I think your reach is already quite big - so why not throw the numbers in here :D

Today the first two campaigns are live. The goal is to reach more people who could be interested in the project, and redirect them towards

Targeting DE/AU/CH and FI/NOR/SE with 100euro a day/3000euro a month in ads.

Report will follow end of Jan, so stay tuned!

Wallet / Exchange / Re: bootstrap.dat Installation Guide
« on: December 21, 2017, 11:03:52 pm »
I've just tried to download this... but man is it slow!

Can we maybe host it somewhere on a faster server? It's like 600kb/s or something  :-\

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