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Australia / Proposal Update
« on: January 22, 2018, 12:36:19 pm »
Hi all here’s an update on what I’ve been doing this last month,
Regarding the APAC Conference in Melbourne I’m making exhibition pop up display stands and banners. There are currently 140 attendees/ 6 exhibitors and are projecting 250 attendees and 12 exhibitors.

I’ve been working towards a partnership between Crown and an Australian VPS provider. The goal is to have them create a special discount for Crown (about $5AUD/ VPS) and a webpage specifically for our community (payment in $CRW accepted). I contacted various companies, ServerMule and Crucial VPS are interested. ServerMule told me they would get back to me this week to work out an agreement and Crucial wants to know more about our project and the specifications required I have them with more information about this and am awaiting their reply.

I contacted the following exchanges:,,, and have shown interest and I am discussing the application process with Paul McKenzie their operations manger.

A similar deal between Crown and an Authorised reseller of Trezor Hardware wallets is in the works. Once bitcode integration is complete and Crown is accepted on Trezor I’m looking to have a special rate for Crown users, making $CRW a payment option shouldn’t be too difficult as many of these sites already accept crypto. I’ve contacted the following businesses:,,,,,, Zealand) and (Singapore).

A paid social media promotional campaigns across the Crown Australia Instagram, Facebook and Twitter have been started and I’ll post the results in a week time.

I made an agreement with the owner of Cafe 935 for 4 months to display Crown banners, to reduce bitcoin commissions (displaying: “Courtesy of Crown”) and to allow me to give presentations during Bitcoin meet ups. They have been an integral part of my local efforts and feedback has been great. The deal is coming to an end and we are looking to renew our partnership for the next proposal period.

Once this superblock has passed I will make a new proposal for the next period which will detail everything that has been achieved in the last 4 months and goals for the next period. The next proposal will be for 825 CRW as per the scaled $CRW price posted on BTC Talk.  I agree that more frequent proposal updates are better at keeping the community informed and from know on I will posting updates at least fortnightly rather than monthly as well as on social media and in the ambassadors chat in-between.

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