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« on: March 27, 2018, 09:20:16 am »
Hello Community,

It is time for a new update about our CROWN Ambassador work & G-ME.


We are keeping up and increasing our activity in social media and have almost reached 1k followers on Twitter. Our facebook and Linked-in pages are also growing but at a much lower speed, nevertheless we will keep pushing them. We are also planning to open a Reddit and post a weekly article on Steemit for the Spanish community.

Regarding the event we are planning for may, we finally received the budgets and next Tuesday we are going to visit the venues to see which one adapts better. Those are the two final options: (preferred one)

The cost is over what we expected so we are looking for more sponsors to participate in the event.

In the last week we have attended different small meet ups and when ever we had the opportunity CROWN has been promoted. We actively keep seeking businesses and introducing them to the benefits of using the CROWN platform that will be launched soon.


We have finished our last sprint and finally completed the G-ME Android APP and the back office, the IOS App is at 90%. Since we are attending COINFEST next week in Manchester we will premiere the APP and back office functionality at the event.

If everything goes according to plan, we estimate that we will have a fully working prototype in maximum 5 weeks to start firmware integration and tests.

On the business side we met up with 2 big companies (can't disclose the names yet) that are interested in G-ME, great news is that their main interest is based on the security that the CROWN blockchain provides.

This is it for this week if you have any comments or suggestions please let us know.

Have a great week. Long live CROWN!

Lostjoker & VIC

« on: March 11, 2018, 09:50:47 pm »
Hello Community,

Here goes our weekly update...

This week we have centered our work in pushing the social networks. We have created a specific spanish Linkedin profile for CROWN. We think it will be easier for interested businesses and individuals to contact us and to see the CROWN is represented in Spain. We will feed the profile with quality content regarding CROWN and blockchain info.

We have pushed twitter and have now over 500 followers, we will try to keep up this pace and keep increasing them. We will start a little twitter contest based on retweets and follows and give away little goodies like caps and battery chargers with the CROWN logo. For the ones that aren't following us yet:

We have also created a facebook page, to share useful information about CROWN and blockchain. Our idea is to every now and the have a live feed to talk about CROWN. We will do this once we have increased our followers.

We where supposed to get 3 budget proposals for the event we are planning, but haven't received them yet. Good thing is we already have four speakers confirmed for the event. We will keep you up to date once we start putting everything together.

Hope you all have a great week! Long live CROWN!

Lostjoker & Vic

« on: March 04, 2018, 08:54:21 pm »
Hello Community,

Its great to see how the whole team got together in Miami and all the great milestones that have been achieved and the ones that are coming up, really exciting times ahead! Vic could attend the meet up and i followed it through the online stream :)

We want to let you know that there has been a change in our initial proposal. Our idea was to hold a contest for real use cases of the CROWN platform. However, after the first month of looking for participants and them asking us if they could test or try the CROWN API and this not being possible at the moment, we have decided to postpone the contest until the CROWN platform is ready. We have decided to use the funds to sponsor and organize a blockchain event in Madrid. We have already spent some time looking for the venue and participants. Next week we will receive 3 different proposals for 3 different venues, we will share them with the community and we will choose the one that is more appropriate. Our idea is to have throughout the event day different "round tables" with invited businesses from different verticals and interact with the public that will be attending. We don't want it to be the typical conference where people just listen, we ant it to be more interactive. The leitmotiv of the event will be based on Blockchain and real use cases. The event will be held before summer and we will open up the inscriptions once we have confirmation from the different speakers and businesses. We will charge a small amount, we think its is good since the space will be limited aprox. 120 people, that way only people who are really interested will sign up, and it will also help us to cover some of the costs.

We will keep you up to date with all the info and the dates once they are confirmed. Everybody is more than welcome to join.

Have a great week and long live CROWN!

Lostjoker & Vic

« on: February 19, 2018, 09:24:22 pm »
Hello community,

Our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign finished today, unfortunately, we didn't achieve our funding goal. First of all i want to thank the CROWN core team and all the people that believe in the project and are supporting us by spreading the word, mentioning us in articles and livestreams, purchasing, donating... you are awesome!  8) We got a total of 14 purchases and 1 donation, that means 1400 € of the 50.000 € goal, could have been worse  ;D A couple of weeks ago we also created a specific crown address for crown donations, we got one purchase and one donation making a total of 130 CROWN. Not achieving our goal doesn't mean we won´t go forward, the project is still alive and on track.

Even though we didn't hit our target we will deliver all the G-MEs that have been purchased. Due to the funding being unsuccessful we will also have a little delay in ur manufacturing process and will have to ship the G-ME later than previously promised. I will keep you up to date on the estimated dates, but we will do everything possible to deliver before summer.

Some people in the community have suggested to start a crypto crowdfunding campaign. In order for people to donate or purchase G-ME with CROWN. @calnaughtonjnr and @mattblack are setting up and designing a landing page for that purpose, your help is greatly appreciated! So if you still want to support the project you will be able to do so with crypto. As soon as the page is up i will share the URL.

We have learned a lot from the campaign, we think we have identified the possible stoppers; we have clearly understood what market we must aim for and we have made great contacts and business opportunities, i will share them soon. Any feedback or comments from any community member is more than welcome. And if any of you want to partner up with GME to work a as distributor or official partner in your country please contact me.

I will keep posting updates on our progress on a regular basis. Lets see if the crypto crowdfunding campaign is more successful than the FIAT one  :)

Have a great week!


« on: February 04, 2018, 08:09:01 pm »
Hello community!

Its time for the weekly Spain Ambassadors report.


Our devs keep working hard and we have finished another sprint in the App and backend development. Soon i will be able to share more screenshots of our progress. This week we had some meetings with schools to present G-ME and we got good feedback and maybe some orders coming in. The marketing campaign is still going but unfortunately it is not reflecting yet on our Indiegogo contributions. Remember you can also order or donate with CROWN, if you like the project any support is greatly apreciated, the Indiegogo campaign is still running for another 15 days. Apart from the campaign we are also talking with possible investors to join the project.

CROWN address for orders and donations: 15jfLi8jFtmmwuspN3MvCs78tbcXXQoosr

Recent G-ME & CROWN publications:

Bitcoin Magazine:
Quarterly Tech:
Micosoft Insider:
Social Geek:
Doblec Clic:


A meeting with a very interesting man from Casablanca was held. He was very interested in CROWN and wants to share the info with more people in Morocco, he already has joined Mattermost and is highly interested in setting up SNs & MNs.

We are finishing up the details for the contest and the meet up, we will release al the details the next 15 days. The CROWN sponsored conference will be held on the third weekend of May, 19th-20th, in San Lorenzo de el Escorial, Madrid. We want it to be an interactive weekend with speakers, round tables, workshops and contest winners presenting their projects. We would like to set-up a dedicated landing page with all the information within the webpage, we will speak with Matt to see if this is possible. If someone from the core team, ambassadors or community members would like to attend and present anything they are more than welcome, please let us know in advance to include you in the schedule. Even if you don't want to say anything everybody is welcome to join us since it will be a very interesting weekend.

This week we want to have a call with the devs to identify possible use cases that might serve as an example for the upcoming contest.

We also have been following up on Octopocket, as we reported last week they want to add some new coins to their APP in March, hopefully CROWN will be amongst them.

This is all for this week! Long live CROWN and have a great week  ;)

Lostjoker & Vic

« on: January 28, 2018, 08:44:24 pm »
Hi everybody,

This week we have made some new exciting contacts that we want to share with the community. But first things first, we would like to thank the community for supporting our Spain Ambassador proposal. There has been some controversy on the amounts of funds requested and how they will be used. We want to let you know that all the funds we spend will be accounted for. Our aim is to be transparent, this way the community knows exactly what the proposal money is being used for. Please bear in mind that it is two of us promoting CROWN and looking for new possible partnerships and ways to gain more visibility. Vic has already been doing a great job the last three months with his previous proposal. The last three months i have been promoting intensively CROWN myself and all expenses have come out of my own pocket. It would be really appreciated and we encourage everybody that has voted against our proposal to contact us so we can clarify and try to solve any questions you might have, this will also help us to know what it is you don't like about what we have proposed and adjust it if necessary.

After last weeks marketing efforts we are waiting for the marketing campaign to start showing some results. No significant results have been achieved yet in that aspect. Some of the journalist we reached out to have contacted us back asking some questions about the project and showing some interest. Lets see if this week some articles get published.

We have received two contributions in CROWN, one donation and one family pack purchase. Big thank you to the supporters. Feel free to donate or purchase G-ME in CROWN if you like the project  ;)


We have made some significant progress in promoting CROWN and gaining more visibility.

This week we have meet with two investors. One of them form Santander, he is a Tech Investor and attended last weeks Innorthvation Conference. We had a more in depth meeting to talk about CROWN and its possibilities for real use cases. Even though he is new to blockchain he is very interested and wants to learn more. The other investor runs a large investment fund in Switzerland and is very interested in the 2nd fase of our proposal, creating a blockchain hub/ecosystem sponsored by CROWN here in Spain focused on start ups wanting to use our application platform. We will have further meetings with him this month and we will keep you guys up to date.

This week we will start planning the nationwide contest for start ups and businesses as well as launching the little marketing campaign we had planned for CROWN to gain more visibility here in Spain. once we start receiving projects and pitches we will share them with the community to vote for the best ones.

We contacted with Octopocket,, a wallet that is directly  integrated in Telegram that allows users to buy, sells and transfer Bitcoin and FIAT. Next March more cryptos will be added, since the concept is very interesting we are trying to get CROWN on board.

In Bilbao we got together with SETapp, its a start up that is developing an App for physiotherapists with a high-level algorithm. We wanted to link this project to Crown but seems is not a blockchain use case suitable for Crown according to Artem.

The guys from Tastit will send us this week a Pitch of their project so we can share it with the community.

We had a meeting with two professors of U-Tad University in Madrid and they would like us to present the CROWN project to their students since they think Blockchain is here to stay and they see CROWN as a platform that is prepared to interact with real businesses. Ee also proposed sponsoring an event and they accepted. The conference will be held during the month of February.

Thats it for this week, please, if you have any questions or suggestions let us know, any input is greatly appreciated.

Have a great week. Long live CROWN!

Lostjoker & Vic

« on: January 21, 2018, 08:41:42 pm »
Hello everybody,

As promised, here is the weekly recap on G-ME and CROWN activities:


Last week we launched the PR campaign and started the outreach to more than 50 journalist.  Some of them should have read oour pitch and hopefully they start writing some articles and critics about G-ME this week.

We have almost finished the G-ME App and the backend. I will post some screenshots on Mattermost.

To open up the funding possibilities for our Indiegogo Campaign. We have created a CROWN address for those who wish to purchase G-ME or donate funds with CROWN. You can use the daily exchange rate in dollars and contribute accordingly in CROWN depending on the perk you chose. You can send me your shipping details including the TxID per mail. And we will make the corresponding purchase with FIAT in the campaign site. It would be great if this helps to get more support. I also wanted to say thank you to the ones of you that have already supported us.

The CROWN address is: 15jfLi8jFtmmwuspN3MvCs78tbcXXQoosr

Link to the Indiegogo Campaign:

I also wanted to let you know that we have extended our campaign until the 20th of February. Since the marketing efforts haven´t kicked in yet and the campaign hasn't gotten enough traction yet, we think it is the best decission.

Recently i read some questions asking what would happen to the money from people that have already donated or funded or project and the campaign is not successful. In case this happens we will keep your orders and as soon as we have G-ME ready we will ship it out to you. We have a plan B in case the campaign is not successful and well seek funding through other channels. Our plan is to release G-ME one way or another.


It was a pleasure to attend yesterdays Blockchain event in Santander and see a full house. We presented G-ME and got a very positive response from the audience, a lot of questions where made about G-ME and our partnership with CROWN and we also had the opportunity to talk during the breaks. it was great to meet Luke (@calnaughtonjnr), and get to know what he is doing in the UK, really great work, keep it up Luke. We are considering attending a Blockchain Conference in Manchester and also to about G-Me as a real use case of CROWNs platform.


Today i met again with the start-up i told you guys i was talking to las week. They confirmed today that they would like to partner  with CROWN and use the application platform. The see a lot of potential in CROWN and see its technology as a great argument to give more confidence to their clients. The name of the company is, take a look at their website to find out what they do.

It is great news to see  that more business want to join CROWN in their journey.

This week i will meet with some professors of a Tech University here in Madrid,, that is specialized in Video Games and Management in Tech companies to try and set up a presentation for their students. I will give an update of how it went next week.

This is all for this week. It is great to see how the community is making CROWN stronger.

« on: January 13, 2018, 02:10:25 pm »
Hi everybody,

i just want to give you all an update of what has been going on with G-ME in the last 2 weeks. We have started the PR campaign and sent our pitch to more than 50 journalists, we have targeted 3 diferent groups:

1st Group:

- General Tech/IoT:

  • ESPACIO, The Sociable, TechCrunch, Mashable, Gizmodo, The Verge and Buzzfeed, IEE SPECTRUM, Bustle, Minute Hack, Verdict UK,, Channel Life.

2nd Group:

- Caregivers/Kids:

  • - Parents Online, Parenting, 39forlife, OC Register, Freelance, Digital Journa, Fifty Plus Advocate, Mobility Management, The Spruce, Thinking Person’s guide to Autism, eParent, Persevering Momma.

3d Group:

- Pure Blockchain Publications:

  • - Blockchain News, CyberScoop, TechCentral, TechSmart, IHB, CoinDesk, NewsBTC, The Merkle, Cointelegraph.

I have not included all the publications but those are the main ones.

In all groups and publications CROWN and G-ME will be mentioned. And links to our running Indiegogo campaign ( and CROWNs website will be available on each publication. I hope that this PR campaign will give us the final push we need to complete our Indiegogo campaign.

Since the interest around G-ME and CROWN has been rising here in Spain, i have received a lot of enquiries regarding CROWN. Last week i set up a little event with 8 people and explained to them G-MEs and CROWNs partnership as well as how the CROWN ecosystem/community works. Some of them let me know that more people are interested in knowing about CROWN so we are already have planned a bigger event in the Madrid area in 2 weeks time.

Not only people are approaching me about CROWN but also businesses, a tech startup from Madrid is very interested in starting to run their business on top of crowns application platform as soon as it is ready. I will have another meeting with them next week and as soon as i can disclose some information and see with the devs if it is really viable to run their business on CROWN i will let you guys know.

Even though my main activity is being CEO of G-ME and running my other businesses i strongly believe in the CROWN project and i want to let you guys know that i will seize every opportunity i get to promote CROWN, through events, meeting, word of mouth etc.. If my joint Ambassador proposal with @vic gets voted we will have more funds available for marketing, events, etc.. nevertheless if the proposal doesn't get through i will continue doing the same promotion i have been doing for CROWN since last October. I will give you an update every Saturday on the weeks activities and achievements so the whole community knows whats going on with CROWN here in Spain.

I hope you all have a great Weekend.

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