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Title: [40] Crown Atomic Weekly Update 6.10.2017
Post by: Twister on December 17, 2017, 09:00:21 pm
Crown Atomic Weekly Update 6.10.2017

After we discussed and approved some Atomic ideas, we continued working on the design and looking for solutions to the technical challenges. Artem has deduced common rules to cover different Atomic use cases and finalized the new operational codes workflow design. Many different design ideas were considered and combinations of them to find the best solution.

We hope this workflow will be able to handle all identified use cases and probably will be a solution for some new use cases that will be developed by Atomic users. Also the identity registration & verification algorithm has been designed and documented, there are different variations of the algorithm depending on the amount of versifiers, initiator of the process etc.

Now we are working on specifying details of application management, service subscriptions, Masternode licensing etc.

All specification is being compiled to one document, this document will be released once the first version of the application layer is in testnet.