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Title: The Halvening Schedule
Post by: higherbridge on January 15, 2018, 11:10:32 pm
Most coins that are currently on the market have a limited token supply. This is either all minted and distributed at once, or it gets mined until all coins have been mined/minted.
In the case of Crown, we're dealing with the latter, with a set limit (or 'supply cap') of 42,000,000 CRW.

Currently, 5 CRW per block is distributed amongst miners, Masternodes, Systemnodes and the Governance system. On block 4,200,000 (somewhere in Late 2022) this reward will halve to 2.5 CRW per block.

This halvening will continue every ~4 years until the mining reward reaches 0.00000001 CRW per block - the smallest unit possible. Practically no new CRW tokens would be minted, leaving the total supply just under 42,000,000. This would be on block 63,000,000 - or around the year 2134 if nothing were to change to the current consensus algorithm.

For a full overview of the halvening schedule, see the attached file below or check this ( image.

Title: Re: The Halvening Schedule
Post by: noveltist on April 25, 2018, 02:05:27 pm
Very interesting, thanks!