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Post by: Lostjoker on January 13, 2018, 02:10:25 pm
Hi everybody,

i just want to give you all an update of what has been going on with G-ME in the last 2 weeks. We have started the PR campaign and sent our pitch to more than 50 journalists, we have targeted 3 diferent groups:

1st Group:

- General Tech/IoT:

2nd Group:

- Caregivers/Kids:

3d Group:

- Pure Blockchain Publications:

I have not included all the publications but those are the main ones.

In all groups and publications CROWN and G-ME will be mentioned. And links to our running Indiegogo campaign ( ( and CROWNs website will be available on each publication. I hope that this PR campaign will give us the final push we need to complete our Indiegogo campaign.

Since the interest around G-ME and CROWN has been rising here in Spain, i have received a lot of enquiries regarding CROWN. Last week i set up a little event with 8 people and explained to them G-MEs and CROWNs partnership as well as how the CROWN ecosystem/community works. Some of them let me know that more people are interested in knowing about CROWN so we are already have planned a bigger event in the Madrid area in 2 weeks time.

Not only people are approaching me about CROWN but also businesses, a tech startup from Madrid is very interested in starting to run their business on top of crowns application platform as soon as it is ready. I will have another meeting with them next week and as soon as i can disclose some information and see with the devs if it is really viable to run their business on CROWN i will let you guys know.

Even though my main activity is being CEO of G-ME and running my other businesses i strongly believe in the CROWN project and i want to let you guys know that i will seize every opportunity i get to promote CROWN, through events, meeting, word of mouth etc.. If my joint Ambassador proposal with @vic gets voted we will have more funds available for marketing, events, etc.. nevertheless if the proposal doesn't get through i will continue doing the same promotion i have been doing for CROWN since last October. I will give you an update every Saturday on the weeks activities and achievements so the whole community knows whats going on with CROWN here in Spain.

I hope you all have a great Weekend.